10 Fashion Blunders We Just Cant Believe Happened

There are many fashion blunders we encounter daily ones ranging from wardrobe malfunctions to the one which are bizarre at the onset. Its how much we try to minimise them is the question which helps us to save the day.Better fashion choice and blending it with common sense is the need of the day.

What does this dress stand for

We aren’t sure nor do we approve of this gown which looks more like a farting chiffon, does it look like anything else apart from that we would be glad to know

Watermark Shirt

Now we have the mother of all shirts.

A shirt which has been watermarked with shutter stock on it.

Goodness gracious me, how could one even dare to purchase this forget even wearing this.

She is cute, but what is she wearing?

We all know for a reason that fashion is something how confidently one carries oneself irrespective of the fact what one is wearing.

But all said and done we are not able to make out what this young lady is trying.

Are these even uniforms

We have seen different uniforms but this one surely takes the cake for being the most weird one without any doubt for sure.

A shirt full of flies

We have encountered a room full of flies, and we tried tackling them as well but never have we ever seen a shirt full of flies, what exactly were the makers thinking.

What blazer is this?

We have seen multiple blazers but what we see here is something which is absurdly strange and she is a news presenter for heaven’s sake.

T-shirt printing gone wrong

We have seen multiple T-shirts and printed ones at that, but what this t-shirt upto, the jury is out to decide the verdict.

Jeans of some kind

We have seen different kinds of jeans but this one is surely something which has grabbed our attention for sure.

Jeans of some kind

We have seen plenty of guffaws and flaws while we print something.

We never knew that 13 could be 12, but hey look at this picture.

Polo Team for a reason

We have not seen a better professional suit than this one, do they have competition?We don’t think so.

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