10 Photos That Prove You Have An Excessively Vivid Imagination

Imagination is amazing, humans possess this awesome quality from the moment we are born, we use it to make our lives more interesting. Here are instances that will make you ROFL…

What is this

I first thought this was a different species!

Clingy sea animal

Umm, dude, there’s something clinging to your back, which is definitely not your jacket!

Tripping is it

Am I tripping or this dog really has human legs?

How awesome is this

Looks like that tiny is riding a huge woman!

Is that even real?

Her hand just blends into her leg.

He his battling but whom

Who is he fight111ng with?

Not delicious

Omg! At first, I thought the person mistakenly had  c u t  the  t h u m b!

Quite an illusion

That’s the photographer’s arm! Phew…

Well timed

Timing is everything!

Best of the lot

It took me awhile to figure out that they were hugging not kissing!

She could have done better

Girl, shave your armpits!


Once you see you can’t unsee!

Do you want to try that

Smell hair into your nose

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