10 Very Different People Caught On Subway In Super Weird Condition

Subway is a funny place. There are so many different kind of people who by the way can easily be the weirdest bunch you will ever see. On the scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the least and 10 being the maximum weird, these people in the list are a neat 100. You don’t believe us? Check it for yourself!

After A Long Day Of Work!

So we know days in the office can get really hard on some people and a great sleep can be blissful but this ain’t no place to meet the sleep gods by any chance!


Have you ever met a real life spider man? Well if not, here you go! Meet this new spiderman who is often seen in the subways entertaining people without them asking him to do so! Sad!

Self Sufficient

Some people are absolutely self sufficient. They don’t need anybody else’s help. They carry their own stuff, create their own seats and settle down by themselves without major problems!

Work In Progress

We simply love the dedication of few people for their work. No matter where they are or what position they are in, they will figure out a hack and keep working! Just like this man on your screens!

Pole Dancing

Pole dance is great but there is a place for it! if you start doing it in the subway, you gonna end up spilling stuff on other commuters like this lady did on this man! Very crazy!

Bon Appetite!

So you know how people wait to reach their home to have a delicious meal after a long day at work? Seems like subway is the home of this woman! Look at the dedication with which she is working on her food!

Sleeping Beauty

So this photo became super popular and people started referring to this girl as a new age sleeping beauty. And hence a term was coined, “Selfie With The Sleeping beauty”!

The Book says It All

This man is trying to send out a subtle message and is secretly hoping some girl looks at him and maybe, just maybe falls for him! How we wish we had an update on what happened next!

Attention Seeker?

This madam has forgotten about the bottom wear we think! Or wait, is this the new fashion in town that we seem to have completely missed for some reason?

Family Bedtime

This is what happens when you hate the fellow human beings to the core. So no space for people on the subway because apparently this is a family bedtime.

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