18 Crazy Photos You Won’t Believe Are Completely Real

The way a person views something is pretty subjective. What some people deem as cr@zy photos, others will view as totally normal. Our minds are amazing at playing tricks on us and it’s only when we take a closer look at the finer details of a photo that they often look very different than they do at first glance. Take a look at these 18 interesting photos for example. Many people will think that due to what they think they see they’re fake but actually they’re all completely real!

Cr@zy Images

We love photos like this! Easily explained, the men are actually lying down/leaning on the floor. However, these types of images are good fun!

man sitting on floor reading men leaning on wall optical illusion

This optical illusion is well and truly hurting our eyes! We wonder what it’s like to be in this area in the flesh. Is it easier to figure out or even more confusing?

black and white windows room optical illusion with people standing

We know that love can go to our head and give us ‘inflated’ egos but this seems a little extreme!

school girl kissing school boy with a big head

Ah, the good old head swap dilemma. With these ones, the more you try to figure them out, the more confused you can end up getting! Just in case you’re stuck here, the man is sitting down and the female is hugging him from behind…

woman hugging man from behind whilst he sits crazy photos

This picture has caused some debate. Some people believe there are two zebras strategically positioned in this photo whilst others believe it is a mirror image of one zebra. However, the latter cannot be true as the patterns on the left and right side of the image are different!

two zebra bodies one head illusion

Another optical illusion designed to mess with your head!

dice triangle optical illusion

We wonder how many shoppers got a fright only to realize their mistake?

t shirt face popping out on clothing rail


Don’t be ashamed if you really struggle to figure this one out. Some people have stared endlessly and still not been able to solve it. But, when the penny drops and you realize, you might feel a bit silly! The man’s shorts are blue and white with a design that makes everything look confusing when it’s actually really simple.

two people hugging on the beach illusion

If this place isn’t called Horse Rock, someone really missed an opportunity!

rocky coastal area shaped like horses head

Thanks to the shadow of one of the flags, this lady looks like she’s floating!

woman standing on wood board talking into microphone floating illusion

A dark, wet patch is all you need to look like you’re levitating!

man floating in street illusion

Here you see am impressive red sand storm creeping along the ocean in Perth, Australia. What a magnificent sight! We wouldn’t want to be in close range though…

red sand storm moving over ocean

How incredible is this body painting? The lady blends in so seamlessly, you wouldn’t even know she was there if it wasn’t for the image on the right. Some people are just so talented!

woman with back painted like tiger art piece

The fake handstand trick has not been very well executed here. Good effort, though!

guy wear trousers on his head shoes on his hands and tshirt on his bottom half

Look at the shadow on the wall!

people walking dog looking at kissing shadow

A violin created entirely from nature. Beautiful!

nature scene water reflection makes image look like violin

Did the fact jump out at you straight away or take a while to appear? Some people spot these things instantly whilst others simply see the individual pieces. Whoever created this has an incredible imagination…

dinner table items face illusion


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