20 Times People Forgot Something And It Resulted In Funny Situations

Have you ever entered a space only to realize that you were seeking for something else? If so, you most certainly are not alone. We all forget stuff because occasionally the knowledge stored in our tiny human brains just won’t stay there.

There are many causes of forgetfulness, but occasionally it might result in absurd circumstances. Today, we’ve looked over several humorous pictures where people have forgotten various items and ended themselves in amusing circumstances. View them in the gallery down below.

#1 Forgot I Had A Dentist Appointment And Didn’t Have Time To Change. They Think I Am Crazy In The Waiting Room

Image source: Possibly_

#2 Forgot To Give Him His “Go” Command For Food. Poor Wee Pudding Sat There For About Ten Minutes And Didn’t Make A Peep

Image source: Herwiththetwodogs

#3 Forgetting A Special Day

Image source: jessbowie

#4 I Forgot My Wife Was Away, And After I Rolled Over In Bed, I Saw This

Image source: BristolBudgie

#5 I Forgot To Turn The Heating On In The Morning. Came Home To This

Image source: Pascirex

#6 I Left My Snow Broom Leaning On My Car And Forgot About It. When I Drove Away, It Had Frozen To The Ground And Stayed Standing

Image source: Charles_W_Morgan

#7 Someone On The Ferry Forgot To Put Handbrake On

Image source: User348844

#8 My Mom Swore She Already Made Me A Waffle, But We Couldn’t Find It. So She Made Another One And I Grabbed A Fork

Image source: FrustratedLemonPrint

#9 Don’t Forget Your Seatbelt

Image source:

#10 Last Year I Forgot To Get Batteries For My Niece’s Toy So This Year She Got Me This

Image source: panoparker

#11 My Wife Forgot To Leave For Me The Car Seat To Take Our Son To The Babysitter’s House. This Is The Picture I Sent When She Asked How I Was Going To Get Him There

I then turned off my phone for the next 4 hours.

Image source: Big-D_OdoubleG

#12 Drew This For My BF This Morning And Forgot About It. Scared The Poop Out Of Myself

Image source: EclipseCaste

#13 Throwback To When My Mom Forgot To Submit My Senior Baby Ad For The Yearbook And Asked My Dad To Do It

Image source: JestarAuthor

#14 Made Cake Toppers For My Wedding And Forgot To Check The Oven’s Temp Before Putting My Fiancée In

Image source: flapflip3

#15 Remove Your Ice Tray To Get Unlimited Ice

Image source: Zombilicious

#16 Their Flight Left 2 Hours Ago

Image source: czmax

#17 A Family Member Forgot To Turn Off The Sink Light Overnight

Image source: natkrab

#18 I Guess He Forgot To Switch Accounts

Image source: lowtire

#19 Went In Our Supply Closet. Looks Like We Forgot To Give These Out

Image source: inventorofinternet

#20 My Father Forgot To Tell Me The Renovations Would Be Taking The Stairs Out Today

Image source:

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