20 Women Who Underwent Short Hair Transformations And Ended Up Looking Amazing

As beautiful as long hair may be, it takes a ton of effort to maintain it – and don’t even get me started about it constantly dipping into food or clogging the shower drain. And even though making the decision to cut it short can be a tough one, it can also feel incredibly liberating.

Women who decided to take the plunge and cut their long hair are sharing their before and after pics, and they’re truly inspiring. Check out some incredible short hair transformations in the gallery below.


Image source: serafima_matrosova


Image source: haircut987


Image source: thinhairthick


Image source: elie_mrad_official


Image source: hairby.kirstyj


Image source: chopitoff


Image source: shwetasha_paliwal90


Image source: mila_kryshchykhina


Image source: palomaribeirocolors


Image source: donnyandhair


Image source: saramay_level10


Image source: kaela.renner


Image source: chelseydhair


Image source: coupesdecheveuxoriginales


Image source: stevenpapageorgesalon


Image source: skareje


Image source: the_bob_haircut


Image source: shornladies


Image source: shearambitionhair


Image source: talkingheadswithjanie

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