25 People Who Are Having A Much, Much Worse Day Than You

Have you ever had a very bad day? You woke up late, burnt your toast, spilled your coffee, tripped on the first step, all of which make you feel like life treats you so hard and you’re the most unlucky person in this world. However, not only you but many people out there also experience such terrible days. And it’s impossible to find someone who has never had a horrible day in their life.

We’ve collected epic photos of people who woke up on the wrong side of the bed around us. I’m sure that what they have gone through is even much worse than you. One was doing a 2000-piece puzzle. But after assembling 1999 of them and just needing one more piece to finish, this guy found that the last piece had gone missing. Another lost their wallet just a few days ago but found it after ordering new cards. The list still goes on and on. Scroll down to check them out.

#1. Getting a patterned sunburn

#2. From snow Dalek to snow phallic

#3. I’m 49… Just found this in my mum’s bookcase

#4. Hiked two hours to set up a picnic, returned to this

#5. Feeling like Kevin from the office right now


#6. 3 am snack

#7. This person didn’t come home after that

#8. Don’t put them in your month

#9. Tiny body or giant head?

#10. I was confused when it didn’t sound like it hit the floor

#11. I have lost one piece of this 2000 pieces puzzle

#12. I paid $6 to have two slices of American Cheese delivered to my door

#13. When the bakers make the mix wrong and don’t realize yeast doesn’t just stop working because it’s in a dumpster

#14. Apparently, he’s allergic to almost everything on the allergy skin test. Some of it was so swollen the doctor could barely tell which was which

#15. A friend of mine posted this photo of the job site today

#16. My brother, on the ride home from picking up his new puppy

#17. Whipped myself into a frustrated rage trying to find my drill for half an hour

#18. Honey…

#19. Last week I seeded my lawn. Just wanted to share the progress it’s made so far!

#20. To whoever dumped their old bedframe by TJ’s in hyde park choose a less windy day next time so it doesn’t get stuck to the side of my house\

#21. My dad’s old truck got hit by a truck carrying an old rotten potato slurry to a feedlot for cows. His passenger window was down…

#22. Was looking forward to having some nice bread from a local bakery

#23. It’s just a little ice, it’s fine

#24. Lost my wallet 3 days ago, finally ordered new cards, and then…

#25. It was a great day till this moment

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