30 Hilarious Makeup Fails Submitted To This Online Group

Makeup is an art that not all people are good at, but many amateur folks act as if they are skilled at it and call themselves makeup artists. Today, we are about to discuss some bad MUAs who probably ruined their client’s day by making them look horrible.

The subreddit “Bad MakeUp Artists” has the best collection of makeup fails. From unmatched foundation color tones to overly defined brows, Check out some of the worst makeup fails posted by the community in the gallery below.

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#1 That Shade Would Even Be Too Dark For Me And I’m Not Even White

Image source: who_nobody

#2 Her Chest!!!

Image source: suzyvogue

#3 Oh Dear

Image source: dhomudita

#4 Tiktok Ad For Eyebrow Stencil

Image source: Boothanew

#5 All Of The Makeup Artist’s Looks Are Like This! Their Clients Look Scary

Image source: yuurixo

#6 Her Eyes Look Tired From All The Heavy Lifting

Image source: sosofte

#7 Steve Carrell And Will Ferrell Presenting The Award For Best Makeup At The Oscars

Image source: sammeb123

#8 Caption Said: A Soft Smokey Look

Image source: Ellamakeup

#9 They Did Her Sooo Dirty

Image source: AMDM0

#10 Even The Client Doesn’t Look Happy With This ‘Glam’

Image source: marshmallowqueen_

#11 UK Mua Combining Block Brows And Feathered Brows

Image source: geezelouise73

#12 The Entire Mua’s Page Was Full Of This Style Of Makeup I Can’t Wait For This To Not Be Trendy Anymore

Image source: oliverpeets

#13 Didn’t Even Recognize Ariana In Her Newest Look. Am I The Only One Who Feels Like She’s Gone From Blackfishing To Asianfishing?

Image source: UnusualCockroach69

#14 This Has Been All Over My Social Media Feeds Lately. The Artist Has A Booking Site And Charges $85

Image source: Fancy_Dare4930

#15 Found On An Fb Ad

Image source: Longjumping_Act_8122

#16 This Shade Match Hurts

Image source: i_am_awkward_lol

#17 Straight Into The Hairline

Image source:

#18 This Makeup Company On Instagram. Why?

Image source: nvena

#19 A Self Proclaimed Mua

Image source: pancakesxo44

#20 The Tone Match Here Is Awful

Image source: FLAIRwasTAKEN

#21 They Charge $350 Wtf

Image source: daddynygma

#22 Well

Image source: Ellamakeup

#23 Those Eyelashes Are Not Even Close To Being In The Right Place

Image source: hollyy98

#24 Watching Hoarders And Noticed The Color Match Of The Doctor’s Foundation Was Off

Image source: techhausinc

#25 The Mua Charges £60 For A Shade Match Like That

Image source: AshyTheVillain

#26 Umm This Appeared On My Instagram

Image source: Leading_Confidence64

#27 It Just Feels Crusty To Me

Image source: AMDM0

#28 I Really Despise These Type Of Lips

Image source: pinkmatty

#29 Local B R I T I S H Artist. That Hairline And The Same Shade Of Brown For Every. Single. Client

Image source: EmKnoxx

#30 From A Mua On Insta I’m No Expert But What Do We Think ?

Image source: kittiqfaberge

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