9 Funny Alternative Versions Of The Paintings In Trump’s Press Photos

If you’ve never heard of Peculiarium, it’s an art gallery based in Portland, Oregon. Recently, the gallery decided that the White House needs a little makeover and replaced the artwork in the background of Donald Trump’s press photos with something a little more… peculiar.

In a recent interview with votreART Mike Wellins of Peculiarium explained that after the election he felt d1sgust3d and couldn’t believe that Trump got elected. “As an artist, I had to do something, so I was cranking out memes to show my anger,” explained the artist. “Is it more for me or for others? I don’t know,  and kind of don’t care, I had to do something. I have black friends, I have Mexican family members, I’m half Jewish, and I have friends all over the world of all countries, and Nati0nal1sm is insanity. I think Republicans are out of control and ant1-American.”

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Peculiarium, a Portland-based art gallery, recently replaced the paintings in Trump’s press photos with something a little more peculiar


Mike says he has always been a fan of cartoons and posters. He knows that people go by imagery now, and says the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more true than it is now. “So I make memes and political cartoons. It’s an old tradition that goes back to the muck rackers like Upton Sinclair and of course, memes cross all languages and like original cartoons were also meant for those who can’t read… it’s always about hearts and minds, so if I can help with a laugh or a jab or if I can remind the decent people that they aren’t alone, then it’s worth it,” explained the artist.

Check out some more of Mike’s alternative White House art below!







Image credits: Peculiarium

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