9 Weird Pieces Of Clothing That Money Can Buy

Fashion world seems quite inexplicable at times, it is no plain science to ace the fashion game. Even if were to take our own example, then just consider this how we used to look when we were kids the kind of clothes we used to wear back then, now we reminisce about it, it would surely give us not so pleasant memories. But that is the thing with fashion isn’t it, trends come and go, new things appear and you have to stay on top of your game always. But there is a fine line between looking different and bizarre, this compilation is about the latter, we have assembled 9 pieces of such weird clothes.

Handbag you can never lose

Of all the things money can buy, cosmetics and accessories are surely two of them.

We can see a very weird kind of a handbag something which would be so close to you that you can never lose it.


A strict no no

One of the most wasteful piece of cloth we have ever seen, we don’t know the purpose behind this design.

Such a waste of money which has been splurged on this.Good Lord.

Support like no other

We have seen support systems who definitely push you in the right direction, but support of such a kind is quite impressive.

We wish we had more supporters like them, but on the quality of clothing we aren’t sure.


Flip flops of different kind

We do appreciate flip flops for being light and easy to carry and that is exactly why people prefer having it.

But we aren’t sure whether people would want to have this pair

Certainly not on

There are certain pair of dresses which give out a vibe that hey don’t come near me, this is certainly one of them for sure.Not to be worn on any occasion, no matter what.

Lace Outfits for Men

Never ever we would have imagined this, not even in our wildest of dreams.

How on earth could we have men folks wearing these lacy outfits

What exactly is this

We have seen shorts, we have seen track pants, we have seen jeans but we are still trying to figure out what exact piece of clothing is this.

Could anyone please help us in solving this muddle.

Long and short of it

This is the only thing which was left for us to see and we have been quite privileged to see this as well, what a waste of money, what a waste we say.

Denim hangover

It is quite good to have a fetish for denims, since it makes stand out in a crowd and helps you get noticed, but we aren’t exactly sure that is this something even the most crazy fans would not fancy.

This is not done

A dress made full of plastic, we mean how on earth could someone even envisage this, we are scratching our heads to get an answer.

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