Illustrator Draws Girls’ Everyday Life Issues In 30 Honestly Relatable Comics

The world may have taken 180-degree, But Rita Vigovszky never stops making comics!! But have you ever got this feeling like you have seen it before while scrolling through her comics? Well, let’s be honest, it was probably in your own life but when you got this feeling you thought that this is… this is my life. This is so relatable. right..?

Well, we all are so individual and different, we all come from different countries, different cultures, and backgrounds, yet we found ourselves in the same relatable and funny circumstances. Life is full of challenges and surprises but the best you can do in the most ridiculous and obscure situation is to laugh at them!! Life is continuous whether you like it or not. And that’s what our artist believes.

Artist Rita Vigovszky turned all the lemons into ideas for her comics. Popular artist Rita illustrated honestly relatable comics based on girl’s everyday life problems. Rita has been drawing ever since she was a little girl and desired to be an illustrator. She has a pet cat named Miyu. Miyu appears in most of her comics doing silly cat things. Rita said her cat pet is a huge inspiration for her, even Miyu does nothing she makes the picture better with her cuteness.

So scroll down and enjoy honestly relatable comic series and Miyu’ cuteness. And don’t forget to support the artist.

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#1 Music Festivals

#2 Browsing the whole wardrobe could be fun

#3 The actual function of the fridge

#4 Ads lie.

#5 2020 Vs 2021

#6 What did I eat?

#7 Take a break!

#8  When you need to step up your eye-make-up game, but it’s snowing outside.

#9 Routine.

#10 What a great year.

#11 Christmas 2020

#12 Boop Master

#13 Bands gone

#15 Winter=No makeup

#16 Monday look

#17 Lay down & Take it easy

#18 “Netflix and Purr”

#19 Why is it so hard?

#20 When summer is too much for you.

#21 Eww!

#22 The never ending cycle.

#23 “New concept of time…”

#25 What you mean midnight snacks are not healthy?

#25 Fighting the bad thoughts with more books.

#26 Drunk purchase.

#27 Don’t care about what people think

#28 The world of magic.

#29 Anxiety have many faces.

#30 Feeling old.

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