Laugh Your Head Off With 29 Photos Of People Standing Awkwardly In Public

As human beings, we crave comfort. It means everyone has different positions, such as sitting, standing, and sleeping. And these weird positions are just too funny for this world. So what will you do if you see someone standing weirdly? How about snapping a picture and then sharing it on the Internet? Well, it turns out there is really an Instagram account dedicated to hilarious photos of people standing awkwardly in public called peoplestanding, which launched in 2015 and now has over 158K followers. Keep reading, because here are some of the funniest pictures of people standing awkwardly that we have gathered from this account.

Whether someone is standing weirdly in front of a supermarket or in the middle of the street, their poses are so awkward that you cannot help but laugh out loud. We don’t know if those people are aware of the camera or not, but their poses are just so extra, and awkwardly funny. So let’s have some fun by scrolling down and checking them out now. Then let us know which position you would like to try in the comment below.

#1. Golf time!

#2. Uh…

#3. When you wear a skirt but you need to squat:

#4. My back hurts just by looking at this:

#5. Nice boots!

#6. Couple goals right there.

#7. How to say you do yoga without saying you do yoga:

#8. That’s some serious obeying to the rules!

#9. “Call for help. My legs have turned to jelly!”

#10. Ah yes, broken leg chic.

#11. Hey gurl…

#12. Someone has been sucking on the helium:

#13. What else are tables for?

#14. Behold! The human crab.

#15. Have to reach for those cheese.

#16. Standing in style.

#17. When you can’t move from the red box:

#18. Pidgeon pose.

#19. Yo, WTF?

#20. This guy is about to climb his way into first class.

#21. How he did do that?

#22. Who is he trying to reach?

#23. When you’re casually walking and then your ankle just gives out outta nowhere:

#24. Brad:

#25. Ikr.

#26. Get it girl!

#27. When the floor is wet:

#28. “‘Bout to front flip into a sweet onion teriyaki”

#29. Let this cricket chirp tho

#30. “Let me stunt on your manager.”

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