Love Has No Age Limit And These Elderly Couples Prove That!

If your love is true, it will last because love has no expiration date or age limit. This generation is so prone to giving up even before trying that they don’t realize how patience bears sweet fruit. These beautiful elderly couples are proof that love doesn’t have an age limit and you can fall in love and stay in love with the same person for a very long time!

These elderly couples are proof that love doesn’t have an age limit!

1. I can’t even begin to tell you how clever and sweet at the same time this picture is!
age limit
2. You are never too old to have fun with the love of your life, YEE-HAW!
age limit3. This Russian couple from Khailov village is what keeps my faith in true love alive. Look, how happy they are to be together!
age limit4. Humor and tease is what keeps the love going on even after ages, I bet he had to hear a good scolding when she found out what was wrong with the weight machine.
age limit5. It’s okay if you can’t give her piggyback rides anymore. At least you can take her on a stroll in your shopping cart.
age limit6. Aww, this picture just made my day! They look absolutely adorable together.
age limit7. If you have the support of the one you love, you are never too old to learn new things.
8. Reliving their youth without a care in the world, I guess this is what makes a couple great!
9. It’s always fun to do even the simplest of things together. Happy coloring fellas!
10. Popeye and Olive this couple will always stay together no matter what!
11. This elderly couple is celebrating their 66th wedding anniversary in style! Way to go Sir!
12. They are remarrying each other on the Bride’s 100th birthday. Falling in love with the same person over and over!
13. If it’s true, you’ll get back together no matter what keeps you apart.
14. If this isn’t couple goals, I absolutely have no idea what is!
15. They vowed to be with each other in sickness and in health, kept their promise as they said goodbye to the world together.

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