25+ Mind-Bending Images Will Give You A Different Perspective Of The World

If you love photography and optical illusions, Spanish photographer Chema Madoz has a perfect mix for you!

Perspective is a wonderful thing. Sometimes you can only truly appreciate something by making all the random thing comparisons with slightly altered parameters, for example of location, age, or time.

From the view of a ‘trail of time’ to the ‘eye candy’, these interesting photos shed new light on our surroundings. They remind us that even simple things are extraordinary, and there’s always beauty in the most mundane things.

Scroll down to have your mind blown and your point of view expanded by these incredibly cool photos!

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Born in 1958, and with several collections to his name, Madoz is famously coy about his pictures’ aim, even when asked directly:

“The fact is that I don’t give any thought to the reaction they’ll cause in the viewer,” Madoz told Bookstyle. “I look for images that move me and touch me, that make me feel that I’m doing something different which I wasn’t aware of. I want to be able to stand in front of my pictures and feel that I can communicate with them. If a picture says something to me, I feel confident that there may be other people who will experience the same thing.”


His unmistakable style is not burdened with unnecessary clusters and details, always in black and white, and with a witty catch in every picture. The photographer creates this element of surprise by blending two unrelated objects that share at least one visually similar feature, or by placing an object in a visually unexpected setting.


Born in 1958, Madoz studied History of Art at the Complutense University of Madrid and at the same time took photography courses at the Image Teaching Center. He had his first exhibition in 1983, and to date has held numerous exhibitions, published several albums, and was acknowledged with different international awards. Looking at his work, you almost hear Madoz say that things aren’t what they appear to be!
































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