People Are Posting Photos Of The Most Expensive Accidents And Fails, And They’re Too Painful To Watch (45 Pics)

If you were ever asked to hold something expensive, you know how intense it can be. You just stand there clutching said thing with all your might hoping that no one accidentally nudges you, and then let out an audible sigh of relief after giving it back. However, not everyone is as lucky as you.

People are sharing their most expensive mistakes to the r/ThatLookedExpensive subreddit and they’ll make you feel a little better about that vase you accidentally smashed when you were a kid. From toppled satellites to crashed supercars, check out a collection of the most expensive accidents and fails in the gallery below!

#1 No Matter How Much You Screw Up, You’ll Never Ever Have To Tell Your Boss: Sir, I Toppled That 290 Million Dollar Noaa-N Prime Satellite Right Onto The Shop Floor.

Image source: Snow-Lemur

#2 Don’t Tailgate A School Bus When Your Car Is Shaped Like A Door Stop

Image source: DPLaVay

#3 When The Fire Suppression Foam Is Accidentally Released

Image source: 5_Frog_Margin

#4 Florida House Split Via Crane Mishap

Image source: IAmGodMode

#5 When You Forget You Parked On Top Of The Self-Hiding Garage

The car at the bottom was flooded. Car at the top was crushed

Image source: tsMineDK

#6 Technician ‘Accidentally’ Fires Vulcan Cannon & Obliterates F-16 Sitting On The Runway

Image source: J00G0LD

#7 Parking On The Beach

Image source: Hera03a

#8 Expensive Tip…

Image source: _w0xy

#9 Your Internet Access Will Be Restored Between January And December 2020

Image source: jazz_man

#10 $5000 Canadian After Someone Using The Microwave To Disinfect It

Image source: jdk

#11 Landslide On Highway

Image source: voy_conlag_mental

#12 If You’re Having A Bad Day, Just Know That At Least You Didn’t Shatter A 16,000$ Bottle Of Victory In Europe, 1945 Château Mouton Rothschild

Image source: I_kickflipped_my_dog

#13 If Insurance Companies Had Nightmares…

Image source: Liberal_Leopard

#14 A $5,000,000 Oops

Image source: sdoodle

#15 Big Oof

Image source: Dcln-e

#16 The Slide Opened Inside The Aircraft

Image source: viboux

#17 Cement Truck Mishap

Image source: KevlarYarmulke

#18 New Boeing 737 Fuselages Wrecked In Train Derailment In Montana (July 2014)

Image source: PerciFlage88

#19 Renewable Energy Needs Renewing

Image source: Absentfriends

#20 The Alcoholic In Me Is In Tears!

Image source: OrangeJeepWdw

#21 Don’t Leave Your Malinois With Your Porsche

Image source: koogledoogle

#22 Two Carnival Cruise Ships Colliding

Image source: unknown

#23 F

Image source: ElBarani

#24 Tug Hit An A300

Image source: ttv_Alotta

#25 Should’ve Thought That Through…

Image source: Turtlechampy

#26 This Guy Sunk His Raptor And Jeep Trying To Save His $300,000 Boat That Was Sinking

Image source: SloppyToppyDownSouth

#27 Stray Bullet Landed On A Solar Panel I Just Installed.

Image source: zopilord

#28 Aston Martin That Was Worth £1.5m.

Image source: Jorarl

#29 It Will Hurt The Wallet

Image source: Venom4174

#30 Someone Forgot To Lower The Dump On The Truck

Image source: phetish23

#31 See The Problem There Is That The Back Fell Off

Image source: OvercastHaze

#32 Residential Homes Built In South Dakota Over Undisclosed Abandoned Gypsum Mine… Sinkhole Renders Entire Neighborhood’s Property Values Now Worthless.

Image source: Dan Austin/Paha Sapa Grotto

#33 A Rock’n Boat

Image source: istionyyc

#34 Flipped The Apc And Crashed A Truck That’s Gotta Be Expensive

Image source: Saint9407

#35 70m Yacht Capsized In Greece

Image source: TheRigSauce

#36 Jim Bean Wearhouse Fire That Was Left To Burn Through 45 Thousand Barrels Of Whiskey To Avoid Runoff Into Nearby Water Sources

Image source: liamurray12

#37 Well, Not One But Two

Image source: feliciteer_mij

#38 Trailer Full Of New 2020 Shelby Gt500s Tipped Over In Detroit Today.

Image source: ablebodiedmango

#39 Rag Left In Engine After Repairs Turned To Shreds

Image source: Geovestigator

#40 When You Want Your Insurance Adjuster To Pay More Attention To Your Claim

Image source: Ienjoyduckscompany

#41 300,000$ Porsche Crashed During Test Drive

Image source: urmommyre

#42 Suv Crashes Into Mclaren Dealer

Image source: netg0d

#43 Hope Insurance Covers This

Image source: andocromn

#44 What Happens When A Bandsaw Hits A Nail

Image source: hazzardous010

#45 Porsche Panamera Hybrid vs. Tesla Model S

Image source: PhilpotBlevins

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