10 Best Photos Ever Taken Without Photoshop

There is something extremely soothing about perfect photographs. Such photos just satisfy the inner OCD in you and do wonders inside. We have an amalgamation of such photos and chances are that you are simply gonna love it. Here you go!

This Ball

Ever in your life did you picture a ball like this? Isn’t it the best version of the ball you have ever seen?

The Division

If you ever wanted to see the real division of our world by us, this is it! Nothing better will ever come in front of your eyes!

The Eruption

No, this ain’t edited! You are looking at the Volcanic eruption in Iceland. Super cool, isn’t it? Just Perfect!

Italian beach!

What you are looking at right now is a Beach in Italy. How I wish I was here while writing this one!


This image is special. This is Flamingos gathered in the shape of a flamingo at Yucatan Peninsula. Absolutely perfect, isn’t it?

Westerdok District, Amsterdam

Westerdok District in Amsterdam is absolutely gorgeous! And if any of you have any doubts about the same, you can look at this image right here!

With Obama!

Truth be told, any and ever image with Obama in it is perfect in every sense! This one is just a little better!

Birdy hurricane

Every time we see this image, we become nervous and amazed at the same time! This is birdy hurricane right here!


Yes, even animals play guitar in case you didn’t know about it! They are multi talented! Much more than humans!

In north Korea

You are looking at people Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, North Korea’s founder. So perfectly aligned, right?

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