10 Mocking Illustrations Which Reveals The Sad Reality Of Modern Culture

Humanity has now reached a stage where we need to really think about what we are doing as a society. We need to look into the mirror and ask ourselves some tough questions. But as is often the case we fail to understand where are we going wrong since we believe that we are never at fault and that is so very human nature.

No time to save people

We are living in such a world of indifference that we don’t even bother to help people who are themselves stuck in a sticky scenario but we rather prefer to take their pictures just so you know fear of missing out.

No place for greenery

We are slowly witnessing the deterioration of Mother Nature in the name of industrialisation and development what we fail to realise is that what will be life if we won’t have an ecosystem to balance.

Money matters and nothing else counts

In this world of money being the end all and be all it is very difficult to imagine anything else apart from that for people, they have been stuffed with money everywhere, if only they could eat money.

Addicted to social media

The latest bug which has caught people is social media. We cant think of anyone who isn’t active on social media but we are not against people having one what we are concerned is how they are only concerned about social media only.

What is she even thinking?

We never understand what goes on in a woman’s mind and at times we are so awkwardly caught off guard that we feel like running for cover.

And here the scenario is no different the lady seems to be thinking what if, now what to make of this we fail to understand.

When books lose their value

How sad it is to see this that technology overpowers everything and has literally enslaved people. Even books don’t seem relevant for many in this day and age of digital learning.

When everything is a facade

You pretend that you are good friends, you pretend that you care for each other and what not but the reality is you are jealous, what you have for each other is just pure hatred and you couldn’t care less about people.

Mad world of security

We are so obsessed with our own security that we at times fail to realise that the ones who provide us safety even they have families too even they have a life of their own.

Adultery got a new meaning

The thing which we fail to understand is how on earth could one not be loyal to their partner and even worse not be ashamed of the fact.The least we can do is to be loyal in a relationship but we fail to even do that.

Why talk about a good deed

The best thing about being charitable is not speaking about it but these days people don’t believe in letting their good deeds speak for them rather they love to boast about every little stuff they do in the name of charity thereby defeating the whole purpose.

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