10 Most Paused Scenes Of Movies

Pausing scenes while watching a movie has become a habit. To stare at our favorite star, to catch an actress up about to get naked or some scenes that are filmed which are too fast to be understood. Here is a list of a few paused movie moments.

Fast Times At Ridgemount High(1982)

Which high school guy does not remember pausing the scene of Pheobe Cates coming out of the pool and $tripping down her red bikini from the movie Ridgemont High. This scene created sensations making Cates the $ex symbol of its times.

Wild Things

Okay! So with the name of the movie itself you might have guessed which scene are we talking about. Yep! The pool kiss between Neve Campbell and Denise Richards that left a million throats dry and became one of the most paused scenes of all times.

Basic Instincts

The scene where the character of Sharon Stone was interrogated made a history because without being topless, Stone’s crossing and uncrossing of legs revealing something more than the underwear line made millions to pause at the moment.

Burn After Reading

Remember the scene where Brad Pitt hid in the closet .The scene was replayed and paused several times because it was a sudden one.

Three Men And a Baby

This movie had been in controversy as in one scene people felt a guy was watching over the characters from a distance. Some even took it to be a ghost but it turned out to be a cardboard cutout of Ted Tanson.

Teen Wolf

Well! Remember the scene in the movie where amidst the cheering and applauds, a background actor pulls down his pants. Yes! A background actor made himself a star here.

Total Recall

This movie became very much popular because of the scene where Lycia, in her character of a pro$titute reveals her three brea$ts to Arnold Schwarzenegger.


A scene from this movie caused the greatest pause was when a skull suddenly appears on Norman Bates face suddenly for a second.

Wolf Of Wall Street

Wolf of Wall Street had numerous scenes where the audience had to pause. One such scene is where Margot Robbie parts her legs in front of Leonardo DiCaprio.

She’s The Man

Amanda Bynes in the movie lifts up her t-shirt to the boys to prove she is a girl. The scene was paused like million times so that the teens could get a glimpse of something she didn’t even reveal.

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