10 Popular Memes That Pretty Much Every Girl Can Relate To

Well memes are life because it relates to our life and we are quite accurate to know that it is actually true and we can’t deny it. These memes can actually make you laugh out loud as it is more relatable to girls day to day problem which they face in their everyday life.

When You Are Cute

When people tell you that you are cute every other time and then you wonder if you are cute then why you are still single.


When you are watching a romantic movie and then you realise that your love life is minus and your friends have left you all alone.

Crush Life

Everyone has crush whether is school life or in college life anywhere and this image is perfectly shown how our life is with crush.

Irony Though

Girl has the habit to dress up late so when they tell you to be ready in 5 mins then you obviously know it will take almost 1 hr to be ready.

Expectation vs Reality

Well, girls like to do makeup and dress up but when you actually see their real face you will be scared like hell.

Girls Will Be Girls

When she tells you that she doesn’t wanna talk with you so just take a chill pill because in next 10 seconds she will definitely take back her words again.

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Makeup Fails

We always have the feeling to take tutorials from youtube but by trying that we always end up making joker face.

Why We Are Single

Well when people ask us why we are single and the exact answers we don’t know or maybe we are awesome

Girls Like You

This conversation looks more interesting and there are 90% of girls who will do this.

Mood Swings

Well there are 99% chances that you still don’t why she is angry with you and why she is having mood swings because they change like in nanosecond.

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