15+ times, people have adorned the world with their genuine beauty.

It’s the subtle features that distinguish your face, whether it’s a distinctive birthmark, freckled skin, or different coloured brows. And this is really valuable because our world need variety. The most important thing to keep in mind is to love oneself.

“This model with a birthmark on her face, questioning beauty standards”

“I’m here to fill your day with freckles!”

“Beautiful skin to match this hair”

These curls are stunning.

“Finally, I’m embracing my vitiligo and white streak after 16 years of trying to hide it.”

“I was born with one elf ear.”

“I have different eyebrows and lashes.”

“I always hid it, but now I want to share my birthmark in the center of my forehead with you.”

“Vitiligo beard”

“I stopped dyeing my hair in July 2018, and this is the result.”

“Approaching the 1-year anniversary of when I first noticed my hair loss. Learning to love the new me!”

“Naturally when I smile, one of my eyes gets smaller than the other.”

“The beard has reached its terminal length now.”

” I used to hate my nose but now it’s one of my favourite features.”

What’s a unique feature you have? Please share your pics with us! Preview photo credit kick***/redditmarianamendes.m/instagram

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