20 Optical Illusions So Perfect They Look Like They Were Done In Photoshop

Many people say that everything is a matter of perspective and this could not be more true: everyone sees the world in their own way, which makes everything even more special.

However, a young man named Tiago Silva has a very different way of looking at the world: a right angle, if we can say so. It captures minute details of the landscape in a perfect relationship of space, time, and people involved in the context, becoming a true master in the formation of images capable of mixing our brains.

Here are 20 optical illusions so perfect they look like Photoshop edits – check them out and be sure to check out other images like this on the artist’s Instagram

#1. How did you manage to capture such a perfect moment?

Keep in mind that the person’s movement is very natural and simulates walking, which would be very difficult to do if they just jumped:

#2. To cheer up your perfectionist side:

#3. Even if it’s just an upside-down image, this has a lot of credit:

#4. Perfect combination between good urban art and art in photography:

#5. “Together we are stronger”.

#6. A tough statue to tame:

#7. “This is mine”

#8. You better watch out for this guy:

#9. Entering a portal:

#10. Love at first sight:

#11. Do you want an ice cream?

#12. My head hurt trying to understand this:

#13. Literal balloon flight:

#14. Delayed in various dimensions:

#15. Never has the name “London Eye” made so much sense:

#16. Bringing light:

#17. “Good night.”

#18. A good idea:

#19. The power of a woman:

#20. The missing piece:

Don’t forget to visit the artist’s Instagram here. Share this gallery with your friends so they will be surprised by these optical illusions. Would you try to do something similar?

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