20 Sarcastic Illustrations That Are Extremely Hilarious But Brutally True.

When words fail, art walks in, and it sure does kill the stage. Artistry is used without any means of voice to create a change in society, fortunate are those who are blessed with such talent. Here are some awesome and funny satirical pieces about the hidden reality of society.

A Chicken’s Destiny.

How ironic is the phrase ‘Chicken Lovers’ This is every chicken’s life story..

Body Consciousness.

A stereotype body makes people socially conscious on their appearance.


This is the cruelest reality of our society.

Unspoken opinion.

There is no harm in having opinions but if your strong opinion hurts others feelings it is bad.

Fooling One’s self.

A stereotypical body is given so much importance that people don’t realize what they are doing to achieve it. But while they follow this, they tend to fool themselves, thinking that they are doing it right!

Bald Earth.

Cutting off forests have become a problem now. You might have heard, ‘Round Earth’ phrase, not get ready for , ‘Bald Earth’.

Brand Blind

We often give in, in the name of brands for any product that we buy. In spite of the other lesser known brands proving a better facility.

Be Aware Of What You Do.

Whatever you do, is an example for your children. I

Secret War.

Social media platforms are a part of our daily life and we are secretly in war with each other, giving competition to each other.

Buying emotions.

Instead of making an effort to feel good, we often tend to buy emotions. Harsh truth!

Visual Harassment.

A bad eye is present everywhere. Visually harassing people is one of the worst form of harassment.


Everyone dreams of having the better thing! In this competitive world we often try and follow the trends and we all want what is trending, or what others have.

Saving a marriage.

In a marriage, compromising and understanding are the two things on which it is built.

Rich and Poor

This society is so ignorant towards the poor that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Natural appearance is the truth.

Behind all the makeup and the fake faces is the natural appearance which should be acknowledged, the only way to accept the truth.

Evil connect each other.

The one who does evil always hide the evil plans of others as well.

Big changes are needed.

The country where there are poor gun laws need big changes.

Dangerous things.

The amount of love or knowledge we have defines us. Too much of anything will kill us.

The road to success.

The reality and the perception are two different ways to get better.

Take full advantage.

We have a habit of taking full advantage of anything or anyone without giving anything to return it back to them.

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