30 Times Instagrammers Went A Little Overboard With Photoshop (New Pics)

When it comes to social media, everyone wants to look their best. And while that usually means putting in some extra effort to choose a good lighting and angle for your selfie, for some people that’s not enough. That’s where Photoshop comes into play – and some instagrammers really like to go all in when it comes to this program.

Tired of some instagrammers trying to pass off their overphotoshopped photos as the real thing, Reddit users are exposing them in the r/InstagramReality subreddit, and the results range from hilarious to terrifying.

#1 She Can Touch The Sky With Those Legs


#2 Will Never Understand The Appeal Of Little Head Syndrome


#3 This Model Makes Herself Look Easily 25 Years Younger And It’s Crazy


#4 My Friend Met This Girl And She Looks Nothing Like This


#5 You Can Barely See Her Nose


#6 He Has One Sky That Follows Him Around Everywhere He Goes. Amazing How Its So Consistent!


#7 Tagged vs. Posted. She Actually Looks Really Good For 72 Y/O But Can’t Help Herself With The Photoshop


#8 Instagram vs. Youtube, Ma’am, You’re Lying To Yourself


#9 What She Posts vs. A Screenshot I Took From A Video


#10 Intestines ? Never Heard Of Them


#12 Iger Compares Editing Before And After


#14 I Don’t Even Know Where To Start


#16 Makeup Is Truly Amazing. It’s The Nose For Me


#17 Don’t Understand How Someone Can See This As Anything But Straight Up Scary


#18 It’s Like A Mask


#19 Came Across On Pinterest. It’s On A Clothing Website. When Your Arms Are Bigger Than Your Legs


#20 When Your Shadow Looks More Realistic Than You. Seriously, Bellies Don’t Need To Be Fixed


#22 This Side Profile Is…


#23 Claims It’s All Makeup And Expensive Wigs


#24 Found One On A Dating App…


#25 He Has An Onlyfans Where I Can Only Assume He’s Photoshopped A Giant Dong As Well


#26 Spotted On Tinder


#28 I Don’t Think This One Needs Explaining


#29 Excuse Me?

#30 Does Anybody Else See The Purple-Ish Rectangle Around Her Head In Both Pictures? Also, The Proportions Just Seem Off


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