32-Year-Old Independent Modern Woman Draws Comics On Her Observations About Society (30 New Pics) Interview With Artist By Bored Panda

What I prefer to see is content created by women with the goal of empowering other women. Lainey Molnar is a gifted illustrator who makes engaging cartoons about self-acceptance, parenthood, defying social norms, and exercising freedom of choice. These witty and timely cartoons deal with common problems that even guys may relate to.

Some of Lainey’s most recent work may be seen in the photographs below. Check out our prior post on her if you want to see more.

More info: Instagram

“I have a mile-long ‘Illustration Ideas’ list on my phone,” the artist explained to Bored Panda about her creative process. “I literally get up in the middle of the night to jot down new ones, and I grab my phone to make notes at any moment when I see anything interesting.” “When I sit down to sketch, I just browse through the list and see what strikes a chord with me at the time.” I sketch digitally on an iPad and occasionally binge-watch television episodes at the same time, but I like to create an atmosphere with candles, incense, and beautiful music since I feel that the vibes and emotions are reflected in every piece of art.”
When asked which of her illustrations she likes most, Lainey responded the one where she relates “someone with physical health difficulties” to “someone with mental health struggles”: “It’s this artwork because it’s so personal to me.” I suffered with my mental health for 18 years and understand how difficult it is to live with invisible illnesses that many around us dismiss. I normally approach female empowerment issues in a plain or humorous manner, but at the end of the day, we are all just human beings, and I believe it is critical to discuss stigmatised matters since it provides many of us solace to know we are not alone.”

When it comes to “creative block,” Lainey is glad she hasn’t had it too often: “If anything, I have too much to say.” In an ideal world, much of what I’m communicating would be self-evident, but since we’re not there yet, I don’t mind processing the same pain points over and over again through a visual medium, because the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and it’s not something that one sees on social media very often, so it’s definitely an endless source of motivation.”

“They all have very distinct styles and a very different sense of humour,” Lainey says of artists like Adam Ellis, Tiny Moron, and Wowocomics. “But I think it always boils down to personality that shows through the art, so there is place for all individual creators to convey how they view the world.” It’s not about being outstanding at technical elements like anatomy or shading, but more about having a clear vision and purpose.”

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