60 People Whose Instagram Photos Are So Fake We Can’t Help But Laugh

On the internet, we can be anything we choose to be. Thanks to tools like Photoshop, that is more than just possible.

So, do we go smaller, do we go bigger, or do we go for a poreless look? Or do we do our best to be our authentic selves and admit that we all have flaws that make us uniquely beautiful?

The following are sixty people who did not choose the authentic route, not even a little.

Check out these Instagram photo edits that will have you avoiding the use of filters forever.

#1 A little taller, a little thinner

Photo editing takes a lot of practice to get perfect. Before you reach that skill level, you may accidentally turn yourself into the undead girl from a horror movie.

#2 In game character

We all want to attain perfection. However, there is such a thing as too much.

When you start looking like someone from a video game, you have not actually reached perfection. You have actually gone too far.

#3 When you see it

Yes, she added filters to her face. That’s not what we’re looking at. Look at the face on the billboard.

#4 Intervention required

One filter might be okay. Using two filters is pushing it a little. This, though, this is going way too far. We guarantee she looked better without the filters.

#5 In the mirror

When you decide to photoshop your waist, make sure you’re not standing in front of a mirror in the picture. Or at least photoshop your reflection in the mirror too.

#6 Caught!

A whistleblower claims to have taken the second picture. We do have to admit that the legs look chopped in an attempt to keep the car’s lines perfect. Who would want to be caught distorting that car?

#7 Totally legit

We like how he has three hands. That just adds to the realism. 😂

#8 It’s time to put down the crayon

Seeing what new hairstyles will look like can be fun. However, unless your stylist specializes in yarn hair, this photo editing technique will not be showing you what any future looks may be like.

#9 The shadow gives it away

Okay, it’s not just the shadow that gives it away. The wood is bending to the gravity of her new butt shape as well.

#10 Straight from a comic book

A little photoshopping is understandable. After all, who wants a profile photo with a zit on their nose? However, photoshopping yourself from head to toe might be pushing it.
photo edit

#11 A few changes

Her photographer posted one of these pictures. She posted the other. Can you spot the differences? Really, the editing was completely unnecessary.

#12 Stretchy

Long legs are often considered attractive. However, in this case, they might also be an advantage when it comes to needing to step over tall fences.

#13 The limit

Photo editing is used a lot for slimming. The key is subtlety. SUBTLETY. This was just unnecessary.

#14 The magic

Photoshop can make you more chiseled, younger, smother…pretty much anything you want. However, do you really want to go that far?

This is supposed to be the same guy.

#15 Look closer

The more you look, the more bizarre photo editing you will discover. It’s like a never-ending gift.

#16 Give it a moment

This photo seems normal. The waistline seems realistic enough. So, what’s the problem? Look in the reflection in his sunglasses…

#17 No one is exempt

With all the money the Kardashians have to spend on physical trainers and plastic surgery, you wouldn’t think they would feel the need to edit a thing. You would be wrong. Look at the doorframe.

#19 He’s a doll

The problem with over-editing is that you eventually turn the subject into a mannequin. He has reached that level.

#20 Geometric

Sometimes, we like to see what we would look like with a little plastic surgery. It’s a good idea to stop editing at the point where the plastic surgeon would rather quit their job than attempt to continue.

#21 Just a quick touch-up before trial

Mugshots and license photos have one thing in common – they never look good. This woman decided that finally needed to change.

#23 She “nose” nothing

Noses are almost as weird looking as ears. We can understand why some people don’t like the ones they’re stuck with. However, erasing it might be going a tad too far.

#24 A little help

This is what happens when you don’t give the photographer any credit and say you took the picture yourself using a camera timer. The photographer’s friend rats you out.

#25 A little ray of sunshine

She almost got away with some last-minute pixel makeup to hide a blemish. If only she had remembered that rays of the sun don’t normally bend like that.

#26 That hospital look

She looked healthier before the filters. When you are in the hospital, people want to know that you are going to survive. It is not the time to turn yourself ghost pale on purpose.

#27 A quick trip

When editing yourself into a picture, remember the shadows. Shadows are important. This Instagram user didn’t get the memo in time.

#28 No organs required

While organs can ruin the perfect picture, we all know you have them. We’re going to know the picture is fake if you’re missing a few vital ones and are still standing.

#29 Not even trying

She wanted to pretend she was on the perfect vacation. Can you spot the editing flaws?
photo edit

#31 Put down the filters

Slowly put down the filters and back away. You’ve had enough now.
photo fail

#32 Spotted on LinkedIn

When you are worried that people might not hire you if they think you are human, this might be the look to go for. Androids never take sick days.

#33 The car

When enhancing body parts, make sure to check the background. Why does no one ever check the damage they have done to the background?

#34 Edited beyond recognition

These heavily edited pictures have been circulating around the internet because of how overdone they are. It made a lot of people want to know what she looks like underneath all the unnecessarily altered pixels. This rare photo is the answer.

#35 The hands

Who doesn’t need at least one perfectly perfected glamour shot? Just be careful what overediting does to the hands.

#36 Twitter vs. TV

He has done quite a few things to his profile photo. The most visually impressive part might be what he has done to his chin.

#37 What armpit?

Armpits are a nuisance. Why not just get rid of them?

#38 Busted

Friends are great, except when they’re sharing your secrets with the world. In this case, the secret was that she actually looks like a fairly normal human.

#39 Eye bleach

No one wants red eyes. However, there’s a natural look somewhere between red eyes and what can only be described as this neon white.

#40 Beauty standards

People often feel insecure about themselves because of beauty standards pushed on us by stars such as the Kardashians. The truth is that even the Kardashians are using heavy editing.

#41 The glass

She got the reflection right, so she gets a lot of credit for that. There just needs to be some improvements made when it comes to not erasing any glass cutouts.

#42 A little touch-up

She touched up her photo a little. The problem here is that if she ever goes to meet anyone she knows from online, they’re not going to know who she is.
before and after

#43 Warped reality

You know you have changed too much when even the pavement in the background starts to slip into another dimension. It’s time to back away from the edit button.

#44 The waist

She wanted a waist that everyone would stare at. She nailed it.

#45 The paper waist challenge

There are many women who wish they had a thinner waist. However, this might be going two times too far.

#46 Pearly whites

Yes, we want our teeth to be white. However, even a dentist will recommend that you avoid the whitest shade of veneers if you don’t want to look like you’re wearing false teeth.

#47 Obsessed

Society has told us that a small waist is appealing. What they may have failed to mention is that if you go too small, you no longer look like you’re from this world.

#48 All anime

This is a tagged photo versus one she uploaded herself a few minutes later. There are a few differences…

#49 Not just angles

She’s right, angles do help a lot. However, there are more than just angles involved in this photo editing masterpiece.

#50 Influencers

Be careful who you follow. You might just be following the latest filter.

#51 Blur

it’s nice to discover that all of your wrinkles can go away with one click. Just keep these two things in mind:
1. You were already beautiful.
2. We all know you’re using Facetune.

#52 A sticker will cover that

She distorted the background while changing her shape. The solution? A strategically placed sticker to cover the mess. We’re not falling for it.

#53 Fire the photo editor

Not only did they not listen to the rule about avoiding warping the lines in the background, but they also somehow lost part of her arm. It’s an arm! She still needs that!

#54 Switch

Have you ever face swapped with a chipmunk? We’re betting she looks a whole lot better as the human she is.

#55 Imitating reality

When the photo starts looking more like a painting than a photo, it ceases to be a photo. The building has more realism than the woman standing next to it.

#56 Just a few tweaks

Pro tip: If you are going to edit your shape, do not stand in front of a background that includes a bunch of straight lines. In fact, never stand in front of stairs again.

#57 Who are you?

There is a point at which photo editing and filters make everyone look the same. Try to skip out on reaching that point.

#59 Just a touch up

Is your makeup just not enough for that poreless look? No worries. There’s an edit button. Actually, make that a lot of edit buttons.

#60 Everything but the legs

She altered her teeth, her tan, and even smoothed her skin. However, she stopped when she got to her legs. At least we have evidence that there’s a real person under all that photoshopping.

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