9 Awesome Pictures Which Will Make Your Day

Pictures have a genuine meaning they convey so much without even uttering a word, that is the power of images. They can give you a range of emotions right from feeling happy to make you sad, to make you laugh they are the tools through which we can cheer people. We at votreART have assembled collection of such pictures which would surely take you by surprise.

She is a poser

Few people pretend to do some stuff on camera which they generally don’t do when they are just on their own.

Here is a prime example of the thing we have been talking about she doesn’t seem to be a pro agreed not good to judge a book by its cover, but still she seems more of a poser than a professional basket ball player

Weird meets weirder

This lady who is out on her own seems to be having quite a good alone time but she seems pretty engrossed in wondering about the man who is sitting right opposite her table.

Novel way of taking selfie

We have seen people going to crazy lengths to capture selfies as the selfie obsession has gripped the entire world no two ways about it.

We see here the lady is trying something novel to capture a selfie aren’t sure she succeeded in her pursuit.

Double team aren’t they

These ladies certainly exude confidence, the way they are comfortable in front of the camera speaks a volume about their prowess but here their pose is certainly on the lighter side tickling our funny bone.

Appetizers anyone?

We are always in awe and in love for whatever appetisers which get served at our table but we aren’t exactly sure whether we would go full monty to have this since it seems more than what it appears.

Tiger on the prowl

Tiger chooses its own prey, the boss doesn’t need to be told how to work, same is the principal with Tiger.

Here it seems to be in a red hot mood to capture some interesting stuff, we feel sorry for the poor prey.

What is he seeking

Keanu Reeves is a pretty good actor who has showcased his exemplary acting skills in all the movies he has acted but we aren’t sure why is he acting weird.

An image for the ages

We have seen plenty of images which make us feel tripe but this one especially takes the cake.

For a moment we really felt as we are being part of the group.

She is thinking of something isn’t she?

Beauty with brains is a often used cliche for smart looking intelligent woman, we realise its high time me moved away from this paradigm.

This lady is someone who has been caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life and she is having a moment out to spare a thought about her life

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