9 Cr@@zy, Weird Pieces Of Historical Undergarments – A Brief History Of Underwear

Undergarments (underwear) have been with people for centuries. Their appearance is gradual, close, and silent. The journey of birth as well as the development of underwear also experienced many interesting turning points, associated with the development of human consciousness. According to many archaeologists, the first human underwear was a loincloth called “subligaculum”, invented by the Romans to cover dust and keep warm – used by both men and women. In this article, we will explore 9 weird pieces of historical undergarments that set the stage for today’s modern underwear.

By the 13th century, underwear became an important item for all social classes. Larger and looser loincloths that are no longer tight, called ‘braies’, are used to wear under outer layers. The 16th century marked a drastic change in the history of underwear when shorter and more modern designs and many styles and materials appeared. Each country also forms its own undergarments, typically the Vietnamese camisole or the Chinese wide-legged panties.

#1 Chastity Belt

Originally, it was designed for women and made of iron to prevent s333xual intercourse or m@@sturb@@tion.

Chastity Belt

Chastity Belt

#2 M@@nstru@@l Belts

Menstrual Belts 

#3 Corset

The corset was first made of iron and became fashionable in the sixteenth century. During Victorian times, the waists were laced tightly in the extr33m33.


#4 Early Bra

Women in this planet should be thankful to Mary Phelps Jacob for her wonderful invention – the bra

Early Bra

#5 Teddy Or Camiknickers

Teddy Or Camiknickers

#6 Chemise


#7 Silk Stockings

Silk Stockings

#8 Pantalets


#9 Subligaculum And Strophiu

Subligaculum And Strophiu

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