9 Times People Where Caught Doing Disgusting Things On Public Transport

Since they are the most effective and fair way to address both urban mobility and climate change, public transportation is becoming more and more common. In addition to having the ability to connect cities, public transportation is also quick, cozy, economical, and most importantly, accessible. Because of this, many people now choose to use public transportation rather than their personal vehicles. However, some people are free to behave in an absurd and repulsive manner because these vehicles are not their private property. They use them as landfills, disposing of their trash there. On public transportation, people may even do the offensive and subtle things correctly. We have compiled 25 of the grossest and wackiest things individuals have been seen doing.

Who leaves a train like this!

Well, only if you’ve been raised in a gross and absurd environment, you are allowed to do this.

Full train and people asking him to move but he was too *tired* to give them the seats

You can only imagine how tired this guy must be! but you should also imagine that he might not be the only one so tired there.

Remember to always use hand sanitizer after riding the airport tram

This women just crossed all the levels of foolishness.

People who put gum on the usb ports of public transport

That is literally an idiotic behavior one can pull off.

This guy eating pistachios on the train

Silly! couldn’t find a better place to eat his pistachios.

People who sit like this on a crowded train

“Pick them up and throw on the next stop”.

Doing some shaving in a train station

Do your self care at your self place! not on public place please!


Smoking on a public transportation is literally preposterous.

Sat near two women who let their toddler throw food around in public transport

The kid is gonna make into the list very soon if he is kept raising so idiotically!

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