Peculiar Circular Clouds Seen Around the World May Be a Warning Sign

A lot of strange sightings have been continuously seen across the sky of many areas on the planet. Some people believe these to be signs of Armageddon being upon us. As said in the title itself, these strange bizarre circular shaped clouds have been noticed everywhere around the globe, specifically through one was noticed over the sky of Moscow.

We safely present them to be real since many photographs of this incident were uploaded to several social media platforms by the locals of USO, Mexico and Romania.

Some believe these clouds as the outcomes of cloaked UFO ships hidden behind the clouds all along.

Apart from that, some others believe that these are a warning of a UFO or a cosmic coming straight towards us.

This idea arose on October 7th, 2019 due to the meteor fall which occurred in Indonesia soon after witnessing such a strange cloud.

Additionally, another meteorite exploded in 1908, in Krasnoyarsk Krai in Russia. It completely decimated over 770 square miles of the forest. And also this explosion had the potential to destroy 80 million trees. Fortunately, none of the humans weren’t affected by it.

This is the reason for some to believe this as a defense mechanism of the Earth. They believe that these clouds work in changing the direction of the meteorite in order to hit an uninhabited area.

This is the only reason for some people to believe this idea about the defense system of the Earth. As per the scientists, the Earth is expected to collide with 6 main asteroids within the next 120 years. Perhaps, the Earth had decided it had enough struggle and wanted to send us a warning through these strange clouds.

Source of the information: Revealed

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