People Are Shaming These 30 Influencers Who Post Heavily Photoshopped Pics On Insta

These days there’s far too much obsession with selfies and the beauty standards are impossible to realistically achieve. In fact, a study in 2021 showed that 90% of women between the ages of 18-30 use editing apps and filters to alter their appearance.

Surely by now, we are all aware how to spot signs of photoshop. There are tell-tale signs of edits, which is all too often. But there are are some who still make such obvious edits, even knowing the public discerning eye is watching, that it’s downright annoying now.

The following collection of posts were posted by “Influencers” and the editing is so unrealistic and ridiculous it really cannot be allowed to continue. Surely we can expect better than to keep allowing this mindset to continue, potentially leading to too many people being misguided and misled down a path of depression and mental issues.

#1 Her Post vs. What She Was Tagged In By The Content Photographer…

Image source: pineapplesoapdope

#3 Popular Tiktoker Who Gets Paid/Sponsored To Review Skincare & Makeup Products

Image source: Perfect_Variety968

#4 Oh My

Image source: Katlevv

#5 I Literally Use This Girls Fitness App

Image source: AlertSanity

#6 Her Ig Post vs. Ig Tagged

Image source: coconanas

#7 Didn’t Even Recognize Her On TV

Image source: filondo

#8 The Absolute Worst Offender

Image source: melnee127

#9 “I Never Use Filters” Was In Her Bio…

Image source: Captaincadet

#10 Instagram vs. Red Carpet Interview

Image source: irishartistry

#11 “That Moment When Your Eyebrow Glitches Through Your Hat”

Image source: Karidaddylover

#12 Not Much Is Real In Her Pics And Videos Plus The Backround Moves Round In Them, Last Pic Is One She Was Tagged In From A Hairdresser

Image source: clutchkickmurphys

#13 I Need Help Bc Why Did She Tell Someone In The Comments The Reason You Can’t See Her Pores Is *good Foundation* When She’s Literally Blurred To Oblivion…

Image source: unicorndollface97

#14 Ms Girl Who Claims She Doesn’t Use Filters

Image source: Big_Establishment656

#15 Influencer’s Photo Posted On Insta Versus Screenshot From A Video

Image source: Potato_Boner

#16 Finally Found One In The Wild

Image source: TechnicalThanks1975

#17 I Wonder What The Thought Process, To The Point Of Uploading This Was Like

Image source: generalprime1

#18 She’s 48

Image source: superfunpants

#19 Gonna Have To Go With No

Image source: seashell1975

#20 62k Likes, 1k Comments On Her “Perfect Body”

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