This Hilarious TikToker Recreates Zara Model Poses

The fashion industry is one of the most explosive industries in modern society. New trends and fashion elements fly out of design companies every now and then. It has become a really fast-moving business since people are more concerned about fashion in current times.

As much as the industry booms it has also become a big source of influence on beauty and fashion standards. Fashion models present a certain range of body types and with the influence of the fashion industry, a lot of people feel insecure about themselves. But, given the fact that the current society supports body positivity, there is a lot of conversation going on social media to challenge and ridicule the beauty standards the fashion industry focus on. One funny but popular instance related to this is when TikToker and curvy model Remi Bader recreated some of the poses that ‘Zara’ models do. She has always looked at Zara models’ poses as weird and impractical. And one of her Tiktoks hilariously shows what she is talking about.

More info & Photo courtesy: Remi Bader | Instagram


Zara Models





Remi herself is a curvy model, which is a newer type of fashion model to promote fashion that doesn’t focus on one unrealistic type of body.






Zara gives their models to do unusual posing, and Remi makes a bit of fun with those while recreating them to show that they are unrealistic.






As you can see this TikTok turned out to be pretty funny and a lot of people agreed with Remi. You can visit her on TikTok and on Instagram using the links we mentioned above. Meanwhile, let us know what you think about this article in the comments section below.






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