Nature Offering Its Splendid Art In The Form Of Ice And Snow Presented In These 20 Pictures

Ice and snow usually gives us a hard time, especially when we have to drive early in the morning for work. But if it wasn’t for it, we’d lack water on Earth. And also a big, beautiful, natural formation of masterpieces. Its formation is subject to various variables, and the tiniest change in humidity, temperature or wind speed can create wildly different results.

Luckily for us, these variables came to happen perfectly for some people to capture them and share with us, so we can appreciate yet another awe-inspiring momentum mother nature has to offer. Check these amazing formations below and let us know which ones do you prefer the most.

1# Frozen Leaves

2# Trees In A Czech Forest

 Jan Bainar

3# Frozen Meadow

4# Leaf After Freezing Rain

5# Icicle Bush

 Alex Lau

6# Fudgesicles

 Mihai Sararu

7# Frosted Pine

 Cindi Girard

8# Frozen Grass

Luca Biolcati Rinaldi

9# Frost Flowers In The Arctic Ocean

10# Frozen Berries

 Matt Stearns

11# Frozen Pond

 Adam Rifkin

12# After Freezing Rain In China

13# Flower After Ice Storm

 Norman A Bolduc

14# Frosted Lace

Robert Felton

15# Ice Blossoms

16# Frozen Lakes

Phillips Chip

17# Frozen Flower Buds

 Joao Paglione

18# Folded Snow

19# Frozen Lighthouses On Lake Michigan Shore

Thomas Zakowski

20# Frozen Bubbles

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