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An Artist Showed What 15+ Iconic People of the Past Would Look Like Today

Perhaps you’ve imagined folks from a long time ago and wondered what they would have looked like. And this is something Hidreley Diao enjoys doing. We decided to check out this artist’s work and wanted to share some of our favourites with you. 1. Michelangelo © Daniele da Volterra / Michelangelo Buonarroti / Metropolitan Museum of

25+ Mind-Bending Images Will Give You A Different Perspective Of The World

If you love photography and optical illusions, Spanish photographer Chema Madoz has a perfect mix for you! A healthy perspective is good. Sometimes the only way to properly appreciate something is to compare it to all the other random things using slightly different criteria, such as location, age, or time. These intriguing photographs offer a fresh

25 Amazing Statues Defying Gravity

These pieces of art are stunning! Check out the beautiful gallery and share the fun with your friends! I really really like artists so much! We are impressed by the inventiveness of the artists that created these one-of-a-kind works of art. The incredible statues in this collection appear to defy science. Check them out and

The 20 Most Beautiful Winning Sports Photography Awards 2022 Images

Here are the 20 breath-taking Sports Photography Awards 2022 winning images. It is the premier international competition for sports photographers since it offers the possibility to capture athletes competing in a range of sports and to showcase their successes. The World Sport Photography Awards are the product of a unique partnership between Twelfthman, the leading

Luong Thuy’s 31 Adorable Drawings of Her Relationship with Her Boyfriend

Luong Thuy, also known online as beisme08, is an illustrator who makes cute paintings about her romantic relationship with her lover. Despite the artist only beginning to produce her illustrations six months ago, she has already amassed over 56k Instagram followers, and it will be clear why once you see them. “My relationship with my

LensCulture 2022 Street Photography Awards Winners & Finalists

Here are the LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2022 winners, jury picks, and finalists. 39 photographers from 18 different nations were chosen from among all applicants. Jake Ricker, a US resident and this year’s first-place series winner, was chosen for his series “Strange Paradise.” Iranian photographer Akbar Mehrinezhad took the first place for his image titled
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