15 Comic Illustrations That You Can Relate With Real Life

We come across many awkward situations in our life. These can even get us stuck to the different terrific situations of our life. Some people keep those moments to them while others share them with other people in the form of poetry, comics, stories, and sharing through social media posts.

One such 24 years French artist girl Ari has started sharing her moments with people in the form of her comics. She started drawing comics in 2017, and today she has over 125000 followers for her comics on her Instagram account. These keep growing every new day. In her comics, she relates her stories to friends, family, and her cat Jasper. Also, she had mentioned her colleagues in it. The fact behind everything is that she never felt insulting and making fun of herself. Also, everything she mentioned in the comics is different and unique.

One such example depicted by her is eating a tub of ice-cream in a go and not applying sunscreen. Everything she had mentioned is very relatable. Scroll down to know more, and for sure, you can easily relate yourself to the stories mentioned by her most funnily.

She is famous for her Instagram account. Click to reach out.

















So, how did you feel reading to the real stories? It is an amazing transformation of weird and serious matters into comics to make people laugh and face reality. The comic stories depicted by Ari are weird but true that people can’t deny reading it. Small things matter in our life but generally ignore them, and Ari has helped to face it with her comics. She has put herself into the character and let people know what they have been missing. Also, she has shown how things matter to us, but we never bothered about them. Do you also suffer from such kind of situations? Keep sharing with us.

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