20 Photos That Perfectly Capture Just How Cold It Is In Russia Right Now

You haven’t truly experienced cold if you have never been to Russia in the winter. Don’t believe me? Just check out this photo that American journalist Alec Luhn, who is currently in Novosibirsk, recently posted on Twitter. The picture shows his breakfast frozen solid in mid-air in the freezing -40°C temperature, and has received over 120k likes in just a few days. It did not take long for people to start sharing their own pictures of the freezing Russian winter, and their photos will take your breath away.

Check out some photos that perfectly capture just how cold it is in Russia right now in the gallery below!


Image source: ASLuhn


Image source: yapylenok


Image source:

Lake Baikal, Siberia , Russia


Image source: photography_uli


Image source: supernews_nsk

“When you try hanging your clothes to dry at -40C”


Image source: dima_darkstepoff

“This is Siberia, baby!”


Image source: ilnar_photo


Image source: kuda_poyti_novosibirsk


Image source: kotkto

“Terrifyingly beautiful -37C”


Image source: viktori188


Image source: MadeleineLewi17


Image source: typical_novosibirsk


Image source: Katrinafrozen


Image source: vakidaichinatsu

“Walking the dog in -43C weather, such a pleasure”


Image source: makhorov

-42 °C at Novosibirsk


Image source  GlbBreakNews


Image source: tut_nsk


Image source: orzhik


Image source: severeweatherturkey


Image source: makhorov

“Finally, my favorite frosts came to Siberia. Just right after heavy snowfall. This is the kind of winter I love, though you can’t walk for a long time. The city is empty, although the New Year is on the nose. Probably because not every car will start in this cold.

During these two days a dense frosty fog lay over the city. The temperature dropped to -42 degrees. See how it looks from above.”

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