10 Priceless Pictures Where People Are Having Fun With Statues

Many statues simply fade into oblivion and go completely unnoticed. But if you look around you’ll see that in most cities are full of them. These people had the right idea when they spotted them and the results are some hilariously funny pictures. Some of these photos really help to bring the statues to life.

Lets have a ball dance

Who on earth would think of a statue in this manner, kids are famous in bringing their a game when it comes to playing with such statues and mannequins, here is one such prime example where a kid is seen playing with the statue in the form of asking it for a ball dance.

Even he needs him

Who would have thought that our beloved superhero Spiderman would have to be rescued. Yes, exactly this is what has happened here, Amazing Spiderman has been caught in the clutches of this statue.

What exactly is going on here

We don’t even know what this lady is intending to do and what this Mr. Statue is upto, crazy day crazier people, lets put our thoughts to rest

He wants to have some baseball fun

This statue seems to be quite interested in pursuing sports, with yes baseball being the first choice, but do spare that young kid, he might not be a sport

A pair for the ages

How awesome is the acrobatics performed by this couple, albeit between a statue and this boy. We doze her hats off to them for their out of box thinking.

Let us revisit our childhood

How awesome it is to revisit our childhood by going round the mulberry bush, they are exactly trying to recreate the same with this statue.

This doesn’t look good

We don’t know what exactly is happening with this world, even we are on our lookout for answers, good lord save the world

Release me please

This makes some sense after a list of bizarre statues and actions, this one feels like we have restored sanity, this guy is asking the statue to release him

Bear Hug

Now this is what we call a bear hug or a bear lift in this case, whatever be the case the girl doesn’t seem to complain so why we scratch our heads!

Game of Champagne

He is raising the toast in an altogether different way, right on top of the world, we appreciate his enthusiasm in enjoying his success, good luck mate

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