8 Things That Can Happen If You Stop Wearing Makeup

Today I decided to look at the tolic about the benefits of not applying makeups. I would love to show you how the absence of makeup can actually make your whole personality flourish.

The skin becomes more resistant to sun damage

There are several makeup products which contains ingredients that may make the top of your skin dry and flaky. For example, retinol is recommended to be applied at night to avoid any risks of sun damage to the skin. The other one is hydroquinone, which can be found in facial serums that are used to make the skin tone more even. This product makes the skin more susceptible to harmful UV radiation. When you’re barefaced, all you need to buy is a good skincare product with SPF-protection.

The brain stops thinking you’re a stranger when you’re barefaced

A research that was conducted by Kanebo Cosmetics, in cooperation with scientists, shows that in the moments before a woman puts on her makeup, she feels as if she will be composing the face of a different person. However, once her makeup is in place, she feels as if her newly made-up face is her own. This suggests that a woman in makeup sees her made-up face as a representation of her true self, in her relations with other people.

You look younger without putting much effort in

Whenever you go without makeup, you may remember yourself as a teenager, since you started to wear makeup to look older than your friends. Studies shows that makeup makes middle-aged women look younger, but young women look older with their face covered. Moreover, people tend to associate makeup use with adulthood, so when you wear makeup, other people subconsciously think you are older than you really are.

You aren’t afraid to behave naturally and no longer worry about ruining your makeup

It’s common to sweat profusely when you’re simply active during the day. So, if your face is fully covered with makeup, it becomes very hard to keep everything in place throughout the day. But with a nude face, natural gestures like wiping the sweat from your brow, are no longer a challenge and you just act naturally all the way around

People look more at who you are and not what you’re wearing on your face

Some women have revealed that they’re always treated differently by other people on the internet when they wear makeup versus when they don’t. They said that other people often think they’re horribly catty or man-stealers, and get surprised by their actual personalities afterward. So, if you’ve happened to be viewed differently when you wear makeup, a nude face may help to stop these judgments on your outward appearance.

The natural appearance makes you look more friendly in other people’s eyes

Nancy Etcoff, an assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School, claims that a face without makeup looks more trustworthy to other people than a face with a dramatic cosmetic mask. Therefore, in the interest of winning trust and having cordial relationships with other people, makeup turns out to be more of an enemy than a friend.

It becomes easier and cheaper for you to keep your skin in good condition

It doesn’t matter if it’s cheap or expensive, makeup will clog your pores. And if your pores are clogged, you may need different treatments for your skin, like visiting a dermatologists. On the other hand, when your makeup usage is minimal, your skin doesn’t need that many treatments, and in most cases, you’ll need nothing more than water and a facial cleanser. So, the benefits of not wearing as much makeup not only apply to your skin, but it will also save your money because you won’t have to look for additional noncomedogenic products.

You receive a permanent boost of self-confidence

Psychologists claims that makeup is not actually a magic pill for boosting our self-esteem. We actually feel better not because of the makeup, but because we’re sure that we look cool in the eyes of other people. As it turns out, all that concealer and lipstick do is help us feel more confident, but the effects don’t last forever

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