A DIYer’s Inspiring Way To Save Bees And Enjoy Organic Homemade Honey

Bees are some of the most hardworking little things on the planet. Their pollination work, which provides the humanity and other living creatures with plant-based sources of food, is crucial to sustaining our ecosystem, preserving the planet’s biodiversity and ensuring sufficient food supply.

But, as entomologists, concerned farmers and gardeners report, beehives and the population of wild bee species are rapidly shrinking. That’s due to the numerous factors, which include: poor farming practices such as the use of pesticides; climate change; other environmental stressors like limited access to water and nutrition sources; numerous diseases; colony collapse disorder; electromagnetic radiation

And while beekeepers and environmentalists desperately try to reverse the bees’ disappearance, a DIYer found a way ordinary people may contribute to the worldwide efforts. To be more precise, he shared his easy project of a beehive even people with minimal handyman skills may create to attract bees, grow their population and enjoy the benefits of their work – fresh homemade honey. Amazingly, even city dwellers may keep this thing on their balconies or rooftops to do their part in protecting bees and therefore, the fragile future of planet’s ecosystem.

So, what exactly did he do? He purchased a pre-made beehive bottom kit, customized it a little bit and built the rest of a beehive out of plywood. The cleverest part of his project is the way he created the top for his beehive. He made holes in it, placed mason jars in them, inserted empty combs jars and a small population of bees into the jars. These jars work well at keeping the honeybees and providing the owner with fresh organic honey. To harvest the first batch, you just need to unscrew the jars and enjoy the deliciousness. The bees will breed in the main body of a beehive and work on pollination of plants all over the surrounding areas.

This is one of the positive examples that prove the capability of a single individual to contribute to the environment’s protection. Just do something that makes a difference on a daily basis, spread the knowledge and the passion, and you may be the man of action and a great influence for other people, whether environmentally cautious or those who’re not that ‘green’ in their day-to-day life.

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