Lord Of The Doggos – If Lord Of The Rings Was All Dogs (18 Pics)

How many of you have ever watched the Lord of the Rings? The popular HBO series got a huge fan following after it aired on television. Has ever thing thought crossed your mind; what if each character in Lord of the Rings on day turn into a four-legged creature with fluffy hair and long tail? The user known as Lady K picked out dogs that look the most like the characters from one of the most popular fantasy movies ever. Lady K shared how she came up with this idea: “I think someone said an Afghan hound looked like Saruman, and it prompted the rest.”

Scroll down to check out these 18 characters and their resembling dogs.

#1 Samwise Gamgee

#2 Saruman

The first movie was released in 2001, with the other two following the next two years. It created a whole new era of fantasy creations. The Hobbit movies were released in 2012, 2013, and 2014 and were also well-received, with both of the franchises racking up around $3 billion in the box offices.

#3 Gollum

#4 Gandalf The Gray

#5 Aragorn

#6 Galadriel

#7 Boromir

#8 Merry And Pippin

#9 Gimli

#10 Faramir

#11 Éowyn And Faramir

#12 Elfs

#13 Legolas

#14 Éomer

#15 Arwen

#16 Éowyn

#17 Elrond

#18 Frodo Baggins

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