Tender friendship between a dog and owl captured by photographer

Although lately we can see more and more that two animals of different species have become friends, it is a surprise every time.

If it were the same species, it would be understandable and completely normal, but this way it is even more valuable.

It is hard to believe that the dog and the owl will become very good friends, but Tanja Brandt proved it to us with her photos. She is a professional animal photographer and is also a collage artist from Germany.

Ingo the Malinois and Poldi obviously volunteered to pose for the photos as they are adorable on each one.

The dog Ingo always wants the owl Poldi to be by his side and he always wants to protect and watch over him. Tanja said that Poldi just doesn’t know how to live alone.

Tanja runs out in a way that the dog walks next to her, while the owl stays on her arm.

Poldi doesn’t know how to live alone, he would probably get hurt if she let him go.

Sometimes this unique couple goes for a walk alone in a way that Poldi is on Ingo’s back.

This unusual friendship between a dog and an owl is truly amazing.

See how a dog protects an owl’s brother.

Poldi was the youngest of seven babies and barely survived.

Compared to her siblings, this owl is really small. He even hatched a little later than the others, two days later.

He desperately needed love and care.

But that’s why when it comes to Ingo, it’s a real protective dog. He is a Belgian Shepherd who did not have a very easy life, but he is from a family of police dogs.

When this beautiful dog realizes that his friend needs care and protection, he is always there.

We can watch them all the time because they are so cute together.

If they have other obligations, they sometimes part a little, but they are always happy to return to each other. They love spending time together.

Apart from Poldi, this dog also guards his brothers.

Ingo has more great friends, and Tanja records all those friendships with her camera. Visit the website and enjoy interesting content.

Tanja is a professional in creating these amazing photos and collages, and she doesn’t miss a models either.

Since these are old photos, we have to say that Poldi unfortunately left us.


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