These People Wanted A Special Wedding Photo And They Weren’t Disappointed!

Weddings are all but memories, and you definitely need to have a stunning wedding photo. But, of course, mainstream good wedding photos hardly satisfy people anymore. Everyone wants to have something unique, a special wedding photo that cheers them up whenever they look at it.

If you want some unique ideas about getting a special wedding photo clicked you should definitely have a look at these!

1. Now, that is definitely a genius idea, a hidden message for the one you love.
special wedding photo

2. Okay, so this gift was given to the bride who is a die-heart Game Of Thrones fan, I’m sure all Game Of Thrones lovers get this reference, but those who haven’t watched it yet, these were given to Daenerys on her wedding day which later turned into three dragons!
special wedding photo

4. Wow, a beautiful representation of a wedding cake from different perspectives, surely looks wonderful, doesn’t it?
special wedding photo
5. Looking at the first photograph you may not understand what’s so special about this wedding photo, but look closer and you’ll realize that this dress has pockets! Ah!

special wedding photo
6. A wedding where you can wear chucks is definitely one that I’d love to attend.

7. Aw, this is so beautiful, a well thought of and unique concept indeed.

8. Whoa! That is definitely a unique way to propose someone, by making them feel like a genius. I hope she says yes!

9. Oh, well, no matter what you do, you won’t be able to stop two lovers from getting together with each other.

10. That is what I’m talking about folks, that really looks wonderful!

11. Whoa! I’d definitely not get up so high above to get a photo, but this really looks awesome!

12. A couple that watches Star Wars together, stays together!

13. Say hello to Bride-Rex.

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