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12 Actors Who Brilliantly Transformed Into Much Younger Characters

While watching our favorite movies, we often plunge into the plot and forget that the characters we see are fictional and that they’re played by real people. Sometimes we don’t even notice that the actors are much older than their screen images because their acting is so good! votreART collected 12 celebrities who managed to hide their age in front of the cameras, and we also prepared

People Share The Hilarious Differences In ‘My Parents Vs Me’ Tweets

Every generation, from Baby Boomers to Generation Z, has its own approach to lifestyles and values. To show the huge difference of one generation to another, people started a Twitter thread called ‘My Parents Vs Me’ challenge. The challenge is quite simple and straightforward: it aims to show how people are adapting to generational change.

15 Well-Timed Pics That Left us Amazed

Timing is everything. Sometimes we get moments in life, where the stars align. The following people have been lucky to be in the right place at the right time. It’s also handy they had a camera to capture this perfectly unique moment. We at votreART are stunned by these well-timed photos that amazed and confused us and are excited to share them with you. 1. “I’m a deer now hooman.” 2.

We Need More Creative Buildings Like These In The World

These days it takes an unusual shape or creative design to catch people eyes. They need to be different in order to stand out from the rest. These companies below have done just that and created the most unique buildings you will ever see. Barcode Building Located in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was designed by

17 Pairs of Photos That Show How the Faces of Top Models Change With Time

It’s hard to believe it, but Cindy Crawford turned 55 in 2021, Naomi Campbell is 51, while Heidi Klum is 48 years old. Christie Brinkley recently took part in an advertising campaign for skincare products, and when looking at these photos, it’s hard to imagine that the woman in them is 67. At votreART, we decided to compare photos of top models taken in different periods of their lives, and we still can’t believe that there

17 Old Photos That Came Back to Life

We believe that everyone had a wish for time travel. Though humans are capable of doing most things still traveling back in time is still impossible. The reason for that, time is the most precious thing for all. Since people couldn’t go forward or backward through time, we try to enjoy each little moment of

24 People Who Were Caught On Camera When They Least Expected It

Not everyone can take mind blending photos though tries with few attempts. But few images bring the photography to the next level. By scrolling below, you may feel the different perceptions about the below photographs, and also, you can check how dirty you are. After taking these hilarious photographs, the person who appeared on them will
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