This Woman Ordered 10 Cheap Wedding Dresses From The Wish App And Shared The Results

If you frequently use social media, you probably noticed all of the Wish ads that occasionally pop up with all sorts of crazy offers. You know, like designer sneakers, clothes, and electronics for a fraction of the price. Turns out that you can even find wedding dresses on the app – and New Zealand YouTuber Shannon, aka Shaaanxo, decided to take the plunge and purchase some of them.

After receiving all of the dresses, Shannon posted an ‘expectations vs. reality’ video reviewing each one and comparing it to the picture in the listing – and let’s just say that there’s probably a reason why they were so cheap. Check out the dresses in the gallery below!

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NZ YouTuber Shannon recently ordered a bunch of cheap wedding dresses off of  Wish and reviewed them

The first one she received was a $30 shiny dress

According to Shannon, she ended up looking like “one of those Barbie dolls on top of the Christmas cake”

Wedding dresses can end up costing thousands of dollars – that’s why the crazy deals on Wish might seem like pretty lucrative options. But remember – if something seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

Next she tried on the $34 v-neck dress and it actually looked similar to the picture – although the quality was pretty cheap

Another option that some brides are choosing is trifting their dresses – often you can find beautiful dresses for the fraction of the price and even give them your own unique twists.

She also reviewed this $16 one and said that it’s a great deal for someone who doesn’t want to spend much on a dress

This dress looked way too luxurious to cost just $13 – and ended up looking exactly how a $13 dress would

Shannon said this $23 dress looked similar to the picture but was really thin and did not sit nicely on the skin

This $16 chiffon dress didn’t look nearly as nice as it did in the listing

Shannon was satisfied with the fit of this $25 embroidered dress

Even though this $40 dress made her feel like Cinderella, the YouTuber admitted that it made her feel like a “marshmallow”

This $19 dress was rated 5 stars but felt “frumpy”, according to Shannon

Shannon says this $17 dress was terribly made although she liked the color

Shannon has done similar in the past – check out part one below!

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