Visual Artist Uses Everyday Objects To Create Incredible Works Of Art

Whether it’s garlic cloves, flowers, locks, pencil sharpeners or even pencil shavings, nothing escapes this wonderful visual artist in using them in her illustrations to create something incredible. Meet Noelia Medina Navarro, based in Tomelloso, Spain, who is amazingly creative with everyday objects.

Noelia collects objects and uses them in her art. Says she, “I extract them (objects) from their habitat. And when I play with the object, the idea comes to me.” She uses varied objects, plants, vegetables, flowers or whatever catches her fancy to create her delightful art. Little wonder her objet trouvé, defined as an object found by an artist and displayed with no or minimal alteration as a work of art, is wowing all.
After Noelia studied Fine Arts in Cuenca, she got enrolled in Advertising Design in the Tomelloso School of Art in Tomelloso, Spain. Here, her focus was on graphic designing and advertising. It was this training that helps her in creating her visual art. It’s not surprising that she defines her work as a combination of advertising image and illustration.

Noelia consciously collects objects and plays around with it to get ideas for her next illustration. She explains, “When I play with the object, the idea comes to me. I’m in a constant creative process. I’m very observant and am very aware of what I find.” Her fertile imagination and visualization help her get newer ideas of using objects in her art.

Do you know where Noelia’s works are displayed? They are displayed in a barbershop! It was the owner of Novem Barbershop at Calle Concordia, 10 de Tomelloso, who offered to display her works and Noelia agreed since she found it a very cozy space.

There is a total of 22 works displayed at the barbershop and, of course, these are constantly being changed, since the longevity of this art depends upon the life of the material used.

Image Via: Noelia Medina Navarro

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