15 Amazing Photos That Show How Fascinating Nature Is

Always remember that nature is there to surprise you.

We all have to agree that nature is simply incredible: its environment, the animals, even its most unique and diverse creations.

No matter what we try to do to dominate or control it, it will always find a way to show humans our own place and that it would be nice to start enjoying its beauty.

Here we leave you 16 images for you to enjoy nature.

#1. The Neskowin Ghost Forest in Oregon.

#2. A black hellebore.

#3. The clouds before the storm.

#4. Bella above, mortal below.

#5. The eye of nature.

#6. The armadillo lizard looks like a dragon.

#7. A sawfish mouth.

#8. This flower, when it dies, turns into something similar to a skull.

#10. The bat Hypsignathus monstrosus.

#11. A phenomenon called “shy crown” in which trees never touch while they are growing.

#12. This blue fungus that grows on dead branches.

#13. “The way the tree is changing its trunk, on my farm in California”

#14. The Atlas moth, also known as the Giant Atlas. Recently an attempt was made to enter the United States illegally.

#15. This shark is older than the United States.

#16. Another sawfish, but alive.

Do you have images of amazing animals? Leave them in the comments and share this gallery to surprise your loved ones with nature.

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