20 People Share Their Unshakable Opinions In This Online Thread

Everyone has their own opinions. Some opinions are strong and can’t be bent easily. It would take someone a large amount of effort to change someone’s huge opinion.

However, small opinions can also be difficult to influence. As some pointed out in this Reddit thread, these people have some opinions that are not much of a big deal, but they will stick with them until the end of their lives. From “fish is meat” to “toilet paper goes over the roll,” this list contains a lot of questionable, thought-provoking, but harmless opinions someone ever had.

Do you have a small-deal opinion that you won’t change? Share those in the comments! Mine is that pineapple belongs on pizza!

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#1 If Today Is Monday, Then The Upcoming Saturday Is Considered “This Saturday” Not “Next Saturday”

If today is Monday, then the upcoming Saturday is considered “this Saturday” not “next Saturday”. “Next” would be two Saturdays from now.

Fight me.

Image source: liketysplitsDindo Mojica

#2 It’s A PIN, Not PIN Number

It is a PIN, not a PIN number. PIN stands for personal identification number.

Just like it is an ATM, not an ATM machine.

Source: Albanian_Tea

#3 6 A.M. In The Morning

“6 a.m. in the morning.”

No. Just no.

Image source: FantasticPearThomas Quine

#4 Don’t Ask Questions You Know The Answers To

Do not ask questions you know the answer to. “Are you crying?” no sharon I am just sweating through my eyes, that’s why I look so upset.

Image source: angryageKarolina Grabowska

#5 If The Earth Is Flat, Why Are There No Penthouses On The Borders?

If the earth was flat why don’t they have penthouses on the borders

Image source: Socks_for_69LEGOFIIR

#6 No One Wants To Hear Your Phone Conversation In Public

No one wants to hear your phone conversations in public. NO ONE.

Image source: psykokittieSusanne Nilsson

#7 It’s “Lose,” Not “Loose”

You “lose” a bet. You don’t “loose” a bet

Source: Any_Ad4737

#8 It’s “Piqued,” Not “Peaked”

Piqued my interest.
It’s not “peaked”

Image source: bhbbbyJennie Park mydisneyadventures

#9 First Cereal, Then Milk

Cereal then milk. What kind of heathen would do it the other way around.

Source: 1980pzx

#10 Beyoncé Is Overhyped

Beyonce is overhyped

Image source: ChipKey5682beyonce

#11 The Toilet Paper Roll Goes Over Not Under

The toilet paper roll goes over not under!!!

Image source: wrapped-in-rainbowsedkohler

#12 Adding Apostrophe S At The End Of A Word Doesn’t Make It Plural

Adding ‘s at the end of a word does not make it plural.

I’ve seen it in ads. I’ve seen it on signs. I’ve even seen it on a flyer someone wrote advertising their services as a writer.

People walk around like it’s normal! Out in the street! Saying that they have 14 chicken’s! Like monsters!

I will die on this hill over and over until my assembled corpses make it into a slightly bigger hill.

Image source: TophatDappsAndy Maguire

#13 Don’t Talk With Your Mouth Full Of Food

Don’t talk with your mouth full of food.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want to see partially chewed food in your mouth.

Image source: ChillyWillie03AZ COF

#14 You Wait For People To Come Off The Elevator Before Entering

It’s common courtesy to wait for someone to come off the elevator before entering.

Image source: mkittyxoxoDushan Hanuska

#15 Inside = Floor, Outside = Ground

When you’re inside it’s the floor, when you are outside it’s the ground.

Image source: DrewCallenJon-Eric Melsæter

#16 Rudolph Is Not A Core Member Of Santa’s Reindeer Team

Rudolph is not a core member of Santa’s reindeer team. The song specifically says “then ONE foggy Christmas Eve… Rudolph with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh TONIGHT.”

why would Santa risk being noticed with a red light of a nose if he didn’t need to? Rudolph is like the brights on your car, you only need them when you need to.

Source: C3-RIO

#17 When You’re Off And Something Goes Wrong At Work, It’s Not Your Responsibility To Take Care Of It

When I have time approved off from work and something goes wrong, no it is not my responsibility to log back on and take care of it.

Image source: ironwheatiezMitch Barrie

#18 It’s “Could Have,” Not “Could Of”

I don’t care how you pronounce them, but it’s written “could/would/should/might HAVE”, not “could of”.

Image source: TwoTheVictorkellywritershouse

#19 When A Kid Has A Birthday, Only They Get To Blow Out The Candles

When a kid has a birthday, only HE gets to blow out the candles! It INFURIATES me to my very soul when I see other kids try to blow them out. The only thing worse is when adults LET THEM.

Image source: Drew__MastDark Dwarf

#20 Fish Is Meat

Fish is meat.

I had one friend who would not let it go and argued that it was not and it was ‘just fish’ so much that it became a running joke.

Image source: Undead-Loyaliststu_spivack

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