20 Of The Most Hilarious Moments In Mannequin History Ever

Mannequins live terrible lives as they are extorted by the employees who even detach their limbs and strip them naked on regular basis. Ha Ha, just kidding! Here is a compilation of the funniest mannequins moments.

What is he trying to do

Talk about ridiculous body image standards!

Tough luck

Cheers to the employee for an everyday pose.

Thats straight from anime

I love them! I’d like all mannequins were like them in order of those boring and unnatural poses

Poor little kid

Sorry kid, this milk machine’s out of order!

After a day’s work

When you are done for the day

This one’s nice

For the dad’s section

How cute is that

Just stand here for a minute with this nice lady, I’ll be right back.

Quite exhausted

That’s the most common pose of today’s exhausted society. Finally, fashion mannequins are being realistic.

What were they thinking

Was the mannequin maker high or something?

Flowers of a kind

We never knew we would see something like this

Quite spooky

I will cry too if I have to wear such horrible dresses.

Wedding is stressful, indeed

Looks like she’s having regrets already.

Meme material

When your football team shoots GOAL!!!!

I bet he feels nuts

How gross is that

Hanging around!

Where’re the kids? Oh, just hangin’ around.

Quite creepy

He is trying to swallow our souls, watch out!


Isn’t he rocking it


How difficult must it be to dress ones like this?

What are they upto

From the latest Kardashian line of mannequins.

Pretty glamorous

I have fallen glamorously!

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