23 Photos Taken Before And After Brides Got Their Wedding Makeup

Arber Bytygi makes such incredible transformations for brides-to-be that the groom might think he showed up at the wrong wedding! While some might prefer a subtle, natural look on their big day, Arber specializes in glamorous, red-carpet makeovers, turning women into the Kardashian version of beauty – all smoky eyes, bold brows and painted lips.

Check out our top 23 bridal transformations and learn some tips from the artist behind it all.

1. Pretty in Pink

We are living for the soft pink shades that pull this look together, giving it a dreamy, romantic quality. Arber said in an interview with Bored Panda:

“I got interested in makeup when I was just a child. The first drawings that I did were of eyes, girls or dresses. I used to take my mom’s make-up and play with it when I was only five years old, so I knew that I’ll become a makeup artist pretty early.”

2. Blonde Bombshell

This look really makes this bride’s eyes pop while erasing those dark circles. Not only does she look glamorous, but also well-rested.

3. The Highlight Queen

We cannot get over how amazing the warm, golden highlight on her cheeks look. This bride looks perfectly bronzed and ready for her big day. Plus, the peach blush pairs beautifully with her nude matte lips.

3. (Continued)

This profile angle truly helps you see just how voluminous her hair is and how long those eye lashes are. Also, we love the drama that the gorgeous headpiece brings to the overall look.

4. Dusty Rose

The flush on this bride’s face is absolutely perfect, giving new meaning the “blushing bride” fantasy.
According to Arber, he creates unique makeup looks for over 1,000 brides each year, particularly in peak wedding season – summertime. Arber called the summer season “very demanding”, with he and his team doing makeup for over 60 brides in a single day. However, Arber has called his career in the beauty industry as his “dream” and was determined to follow it even as a young man.

5. Pop of Red

This simple and dramatic red lip elevates this bride’s looks to next-level classy. This look makes her lips even bigger and voluptuous than they already are, and we are here for it.

6. Braid it Back

Nothing is more elegant than the top-braid and flowing curls, making this bride looks like a real princess. The cat-eye liner also gives this look a bold edge.

7. Wispy Fantasy

Pulling out a few tendrils of curled hair dramatically framed the face and gives the illusion of effortless style. Her nude lip keeps the look fresh and light, while still keeping it glamorous.
Arber went on to discuss how he tackles helping his bridal clients:

“When I meet my client, the first question I ask is what kind of occasion are they getting their makeup done for. I also ask my clients if they have any specific requests. For example, if they want a natural or dramatic look. Then I ask them [to show me] the dress that they are going to wear. The design of the dress and its details reveal the style of the look the client is going for. Then, I analyze their facial features.”

8. Airbrushed to Perfection

While there is nothing wrong with pores and natural beauty, we are stunned at how flawlessly airbrushed this bride looks. We can’t see a single pore or wrinkle on her – and her skins looks so radiant and healthy!

9. The Power of Contour

Arber truly demonstrates his skills in this makeup transformation with his expert contouring. By giving a light shading to her nose, he deftly is able to straighten and give the illusion of a smaller, pert nose. The added hint of lilac shadow on her eyelids also creates a beautiful contrast with this bride’s naturally stunning green eyes.

10. Old Hollywood Glamor

While all of these brides are naturally beautiful, this transformation really highlights this bride’s best features. The pin curls framing her face create a classic elegant Hollywood glamor, elongating her neck and making her already long neck look even longer.

11. So Sultry

In this look, Arber went for a darker shade of red, giving this bride the perfect sultry pout for her wedding day. The soft neutral-toned shimmer on her eyelids pairs perfectly with the bold lip, still giving her eyes a dramatic look without being too overpowering.

12. A Glossy Goddess

Lipgloss is having its comeback (again) in the world of beauty. This bride’s glossy lips make her makeup look fresh and youthful without losing any of that wedding elegance.
Arber Bytyqi revealed that when he finished high school his family was not supportive of him following his dream to become a makeup artist. Apparently, in Arber’s culture, it is taboo for a man to be interested in traditionally feminine fields, such as beauty.

13. Green With Envy

Clearly Arber has a talent for not only transforming these brides, but also helping their natural beauty truly pop. We are loving how this bride’s gorgeous green eyes are the focus of this look. Consider us jealous of those jade eyes.

14. Mesmerizing Monochromatic

In this look, Arber plays with the monochromatic look by keeping a theme of cool pink throughout, matching this bride’s lip color to her eyeshadow and even highlighter. Plus, the pink lipgloss really accentuates this bride’s perfect pout.

14. (Continued)

This flirty look brings a wild pixie vibe that seems to fit this delicate bride. Plus, we love the dreamy eyeshadow look, complete with long romantic eyelashes.

15. From Business to Beauty

This is easily one of our favorite looks from Arber. The neutral shades compliment this bride’s natural glow, making her look both youthful yet still like a mature woman. How can you not be obsessed with those perfect brows?

15. (Continued)

With her eyes closed, you can really see the shimmery shadow on this bride’s eyelids. This look, while still definitely glamorous, is a little softer and more refined.

16. Bridal Royalty

This look is straight out of royalty and we are here for the Duchess vibes. The warm buttery shades on this bride’s lids and lips are reminiscent of summer and contrast beautifully with her deep brown eyes. The highlight on her collar bone accentuates her perfect glow, making this bride ready for a summer wedding.

16. (Continued)

The white pearl accents in this bride’s hairstyle work to vamp up the image of royalty. While this look could be over the top on some brides, Arber expertly pulls it off on this queenly bride.

17. Feathery Brows

We love how fluffed and feathered this bride’s brows are looking. Combined with her luscious locks, this look is both elegant and still playful. Also, the oversized beaded necklace adds to the drama, completing this perfect wedding day glam.

17. (Continued)

We are living for her doll-like appearance and flawless skin.
After getting his master’s in economics, Arber went on to pursue his dream of being a makeup artist, finding international success and viral fame by sharing his creative and gorgeous transformations.

18. Wedding Bells are Ringing

First of all, we love that this bride is rocking her nose ring on her big day. The shades of deep purple and magenta create a gorgeous contrast with this bride’s blue-green eyes. Also, what bride wouldn’t want to wear a crown on her big day?

19. Shimmer and Shine

The deep shade of red lipstick really makes this bride’s pearly whites pop! Plus, we are living for her shiny, glossy curls. Like all of Arber’s looks, this bride’s contouring is on point, giving her a flawless complexion.

20. Bridal Beauty Queen

This bride looks like she came right out of a Miss America pageant and we are here for it. This makeup really lifted her under-eyes, giving her a refreshed and dramatic look. We also love Arber’s creative choice to enhance and highlight her natural beauty mark.

21. Dripping in Diamonds

Our favorite part of this look is the bride’s subtly ombre lips, with the center being a candy-apply red while the rest is a deeper, richer shade. The warm rose gold shimmer on her inner corners also works to make her vibrant green eyes stand out.

21. (Continued)

In this angle, you can really see Arber’s masterful contouring and golden eyeshadow. The look really slims the bride’s face and gives her a gorgeous trendy glow that contrasts with the cool white beading on her veil and gown.

22. Cool & Collected

We love these cool purple shades for this bride’s look. Not only does it help bring out her eyes, but the colors perfectly compliment her skin tone. This is definitely the perfect soft glam bridal look for her big day.

23. Influencer or Bride?

This is clearly one of Arber’s more dramatic makeup looks, but we are in love with the bold sequins framing this bride’s eyes. While this is certainly not for every bride, we love that this bride went for this sleek and edgy look for her big day, making her eyes the real focal point of her overall look. This edgy style makes her look more like a famous influencer than a bride ready to walk down the aisle.

23. (Continued)

Here’s a closer look at the intricate jewels and rhinestones in this bride’s look. Arber has really outdone himself on this makeup transformation. As they say, always save the best for last!

With now over 298K follows on Instagram, Arber Bytyqi has gained an impressive internet fame thanks to his stunning bridal before-and-after looks.

He even has a studio located in the city of Prizren where he creates these gorgeous looks. Clearly, Bytyqi has a true talent in cosmetics, creating refined and air-brushed looks, and is making a big splash as a beauty influencer.

Many of these bridal transformations and other makeup creations, such as Prom-glam and professional modeling looks, can be found on his growing Instagram page. He has been involved in other campaigns and designs for various brands, showcasing his unique style.

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