30 Amazing Things Made Out Of Wood, As Posted On The Online Group “Woodworking” (New Pics)

Working with wood requires a great deal of patience, talent, and vision. This is one of those hobbies that take years to master, but every person who creates something good out of a piece of wood will tell you how satisfying and rewarding it is.

Today we have prepared a collection of amazing wooden projects shared to the r/Woodworking subreddit. This online community is the best place “for furniture, toys, tools, wood, glue, and anything else that has to do with woodworking as a hobby or profession.” Check out all of the amazing woodworking projects shared by the users of this online community in the gallery below! And don’t forget to check out more woodworking projects in our previous posts- here and here.

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#1 Me – Carving Nezuko Out Of Wood – The First Female Character I Ever Made

Image source: DWoodartstudio

#2 I Was Asked To Make A Memorial Chest For One Of The Soldiers Killed At Kabul Airpot

Image source: NorthMtnStudios

#3 Made This Rocking Chair In ‘97 Wood Shop Class When I Was 14. Had No Idea Why I’ve Kept It For 24 Years. 38 Now And I Have Finally Realized It Belongs To My Son. Might Be A Dumb Post, Sorry, But His Face Makes All Those Years Worth It

Image source: coffeelushed

#4 My Wife Wanted New Cabinets For The Laundry Room. Instead Of Going To IKEA, I Spent 6 Months And Double The Money Building These

Image source: Ginger-Engineer

#5 I Carved This Hellboy Pipe Out Of Briar Wood For Ron Perlman And He Sent Me A Photo

Image source: RadonLab

#6 Custom Made Bed For My Son. He Is Beyond Excited

Image source: Schmxdt

#7 I Built This Crib For My Son. The Most Meaningful Project I’ve Made

Image source: builtknotbought

#8 I’m Not A Carpenter, But I Am Proud Of How This Turned Out

Image source: _Adamgoodtime_

#9 Bear, Raccoon, And Fox Bench

Image source: BerkshireMtnSculptor

#10 Custom Hand Made Catscape / Catwall By Happy Happy James

Image source: happy2james

#11 Made A Slim Version Of My Mechanical Iris Ring Box

Image source: kezalo

#12 Solid Maple Bedside Table. All Cut By Hand. Definitely Over 100 Hours Of Work. Really Wish We Had A Cnc

Image source: MayestDesign

#13 Stuck In The Shed During Covid Lockdown. Another Project

Image source: randomword66

#14 My Proudest Project So Far. I Built A Canoe For My Father In Law

Image source: Vercauteren

#15 New To The Forum. Wanted To Show My Graduate Project. Palladian Roman Doric Colonnade

Image source: JSquared-Designs

#16 I Made Minimalist Christmas Trees To Celebrate The Holidays (Early) !

Image source: OyymoF

#17 My First Work Out Of Birch With Dremel Since I Got Paralysed, Im Actualy Quite Proud With The Results

Image source: Rolingmaniac

#18 New Set Of Comfort Birds. Made From Various Scrap Wood And Epoxy Giving New Life To Material Destined For The Trash Bin

Image source: YouKnowWho2016

#19 Sometimes Small Projects Are The Most Important

Image source: yuccaknifeandtool

#20 Christmas Present For My Two Boys

Image source: mw33212

#21 My Wife Saw A $30 One At The Store. I Spent 10 Min Picking Up Sticks

Image source: ipsomatic

#22 Honeycomb Shelf With A Twist

Image source: EricEichstaedt

#23 Rocket Ship Bookcase I Built For My New Son

Image source: FirthFabrications

#24 Made My 3 Year Old Her First Big Girl Bed, Just Needs Paint Now

Image source: Thecobs

#25 Backyard Bridge 6’ X 50’

Image source: Michael5700

#26 11′ X 6′ Teak Headboard Carving V2

Image source: CutestNudistBuddhist

#27 Made A Tension Table As My Last Project In 9th Grade And Would Like To Share It

Image source: smartgoose78

#28 Although An Instrument, This Is My First Guitar I’ve Ever Built. This Was Built With Almost All Hand Tools. Used A Router For The Electronic Cavities And A Drill Press For Any Holes That Needed To Be That Perfect. Thank You For Stopping To Look At It

Image source: itstophhh

#29 An 80 Drawer Apothecary Cabinet I Recently Finished. Solid Oak, Mahogany, And Maple

Image source: PillPod

#30 I Was Told By The Fellas In Daddit That Y’all Would Appreciate This Bed I Made For My Son

Image source: Havarti_Rick

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