40 Instagram Vs Reality Pics Show How Unrealistic These Beauty Standards Are

Nobody looks perfect 24 hours a day, and many of these people don’t even resemble their pictures in real life! Filters and edits are so prevalent on social media and picture-sharing apps that some people can’t imagine sharing unedited photos of themselves.

Many of these people don’t even use those tools, instead relying on their best angles and stomach sucking. Nobody walks around with their stomach sucked in all the time, as everyone knows. Your body is much more normal and beautiful than you realise!

The actual figure of this fitness model is much more normal than we think.

This model takes us behind the scenes of her flawless Instagram posts.

This comparison photo demonstrates her flawless makeup skills.

This woman has always posted Instagram vs. Reality posts side by side to boost her self-esteem.

It’s easy to see a pattern of amazing pictures that aren’t always how we look in real life.

She either squished her face in the edited photo or they’re both people.

This was one of those times when Khloe Kardashian’s editing was blatant.

It’s frightening how different someone can appear in real life versus their virtual image.

You are absolutely permitted to have bellies!

Fake a perfect body by sucking your stomach in and arching your back slightly.

Nobody walks with their back out that far; she demonstrates that people are only posing for photos!

We only share the best moments, but they do not represent everything!

Even if you’re Kim Kardashian, your pores are perfectly normal.

Everyone wishes they didn’t have a tummy, but the truth is that the majority of people do.

A well-known Russian model who isn’t afraid to make amusing gym posts.

Knowing your angle, sucking in your stomach, and raising your shoulder to make it look sharper are all examples of what happened here.

Meat flabs are exactly what they are.

That is not at all embarrassing.

“Tagged VS posted.

She is constantly trimming her waist and shaping her arms to achieve a muscular physique.”

Some people forget that we don’t always look our best or are Instagrammable.

It only took her three seconds to transform into a seductive woman.

It’s false advertising, men say.

She boosts her self-esteem at the expense of lying about her appearance.

When you want to look cute but are too lazy to put on makeup, you let your phone do it for you.

This makeup artist revealed that they were under peer pressure to airbrush their photos because every other post looked “perfect.”

Even Beyonce is not immune to this!

Everything was being done for her by the water.

You’ll be surprised to learn that when we sit, we all have this.

Kim Kardashian puts on a lot of makeup, but no amount of foundation can hide her pores.

Men face the same challenges!

People also forgot how good filters have become.

You don’t even need to wear makeup.

The app will handle everything for you.

A nice airbrush is the finishing touch to “perfect” makeup.

You can see how unrealistic it is if you suck your stomach hard enough.

Khloe Kardashian for Calvin Klein looked completely different.

That is the filter at work.

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